hi all - newbie here - questions, comments, the whole shebang!



I have sooooooo much to say and ask but I


Sorry for delay. I put a self-imposed ban on my computer use till after two exams i had this week.

Christine thank you so much for your reply, both in your appreciated frank answering of my questions and reminding me to keep in mind the tenets of your work.

You know i sort of wanted you to answer my questions with a: "nope the things you feared aren't gonna happen YOU!/ are really uncommon/ happen more with surgical" etc anything but "yes it can happen"

But when you answered saying the things I feared could happen and if they do they are managable etc.. it really helped me face up to things a lot.

It got rid of this shadowy sense of impending unmentionable (not completely i still try and push those ideas away) but some of it's fear evoking power has gone :)

I sometimes have so many ideas on potential causes and remedies I suppose i may have come across as if I don't hold with yours.

I do think that postural misalignment is a major problem and am going with the posture all the time now, I suppose i just have to feel it within me to have complete faith in it, even thought in theory it seems right on the money and other people are reporting sucesses.

Thank you again Christine

Best Wishes


Hi Anne,

Thanks much for keeping us posted