confusion about slippery elm powder


I have read a lot of the posts on this subject but haven't been able to completely understand how the powder looks when you buy it. I thought it would look like a regular powder would but what I have managed to get is what looks like fluffy soft fibers with tiny bits of bark still in it. The guy in the store said that it was what they called powder and said you make it like a cup of tea and then strain it to drink it, so it is clear to drink. From reading other posts though I have the feeling that most of you have actually been able to buy a proper powder form. If anyone else has used this more fibery slippery elm I would love to hear how you take it.

I have taken slippery elm for years in capsule form and it does in fact look as you have described. I have used it very successfully for fibre need and stomach distress from strong medications, stomach flu, upset stomach, and stress. I always have it on my shelf along with goldenseal, kelp, and arnica.

Rumor or fact? History tells us that it was, in fact, the inner bark of the elm that native Americans taught George Washington's soldiers to eat during their harsh winter at Valley Forge. Wonder if that is true?
Good luck with it.

To Daphne11,
Thank you for your quick reply. I am afraid I am still confused by what you said. You say that you take capsules, are you saying that the capsules inside look like I described my fluffy fibers? I thought capsules would have some sort of oil in them. The tea I made seems to have at least made me have a bowel movement although the second day I made it a bit stronger and developed a miserable sick feeling in my stomach for quite some time. It is interesting that you use it for other problems to.
You could be right about the bit of History, I seem to have heard something on those lines before.

Has anyone had good results taking slippery elm. I took two and it made my stomach hurt and I've been afraid to take anymore. I wanted something that would soothe my irritated stomach.

I thought about trying slippery elm powder. How much water do you use?

Hi Glo05660,
We don't get a lot of people coming on to discuss slippery elm, but I think as with any supplement, you should do your research well, and then use caution as you experiment with them. Supplements are not regulated, so it is really up to us to find out how safe they really are for us.