Uterine prolapse


My www connection is only while at work so am brief in notes before 7:00AM
I have had UP for ~ 2 years - it has not worsened. It is out ~ 1/2 " most of time when I stand and is back in when I sit.
I am grateful to not have surgery- my 6th sense tells me it would be wrong.


Dear Cathy,

I hope you are trying to maintain the postural dynamics as much as possible. If you try to do a fruit-only diet for a few days while keeping your spine in its proper shape you may see more pronounced change. My cervix was like yours for most of my forties and is well inside now.


Hi Christine:
I just read from the 2005 AMA Med Guide under uterine prolapse. 2 things stuck in my mind.
First that weight loss was recommended as helpful in handling the condition. Secondly, that the very last(presumingly last resort) thing mentioned was surgery.