Acupuncture for prolapse


Hi folks, this is my third post. I have universal prolapse and was wondering if anyone out there has had any success with acupuncture. I have made an appointment with an acupuncturist for some of the discomfort in the pelvic area -- has anyone else seen an acupunturist and has it helped? Also, what about yoga? Is most of it ok or are some of the postures not so good, or what? I am having to really rethink my exercising since this all developed. Horsebackriding was really hurting a lot, and even stuff like squats with weights now makes me feel as if perhaps I'm making the prolapse, rectocele and cystocele worse. Anyway -- got off the subject there -- any word on acupuncture? Thanks,


Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the info on riding - I hadn't heard anything negative about it before now and will make note that it may not be a beneficial exercise for prolapsed women. I have a riding stable very near my home and have wanted to experiment with it, yet have not found the time.

Just do searches here on acupuncture and yoga - we've talked a lot about them. Women need an entirely different yoga - one that honors the true dynamics of the female body, and many of the "tucking the tailbone and lifting weights" exercises are less than helpful.


Hi Kathy,
I tried acupuncture (20 sessions - one per week for 20 weeks). I did feel better after the treatments but looking back it's hard to know if it was the acupuncture that helped, or just time in general. Also while I was doing the acupuncture (maybe halfway through) I found this site and Christine's DVD and book so started the postures, too. Not a very "controlled" study at all!

Back to the acupuncture . . . the first treatment I had on my uterus I could actually feel my uterus contracting! It was really weird . . . I thought it must be doing something for me. I never felt as obvious results with my cystocele or rectocele (she inserted a needle between my butt cheeks - seemed to help my hemmoroids (sp?)).

Not sure if this is helpful but I thought I'd let you know that I have tried it.

Bye for now,