Thank goodness for this website!


Hi -- I posted as a new member about a month or so ago and since then have seen three more doctors and have read as much as I can about univeral prolapse, which is what I have. The urogynecologist I saw told me I had to have about 5 hours of major surgery, would never be able to lift more than 12 pounds, etc. -- all of the same stuff other doctors have said to others on this website. At the time (August 25th) I was experiencing very few symptoms, but lately it has been bothering me more and more. I ride horses and was hoping to be able to continue, but clearly can't with the type of riding I do (very strenuous), because I have developed enough pelvic pain and discomfort when mounted that I just have to give it a rest, at least for the time being. When I realized I may not be able to ride the way I want to ever again, I felt really defvastated and sad about the whole proplapse thing. I read Christiane Northrup's book about menopause, which was good but not on topic, so to speak, and then looked at a website that scared the hell out of me, no kidding! The women who were posting were all talking about how much they respect their urogynecologists, and then at the end of their posts, listed their surgeries -- Oh my God -- some of them have had four rectocele repairs! And other stuff, too. I can't understand why this doesnt' seem to bother them -- it certainly would me. When I read those posts I felt absolutely awful, because I started to realize that the conventional approach of the medical field is simply something I don't trust. So I decided to re-read Christine's book and boy, did that help. Thank you Christine, because you do hold out so much hope and reassurance that even universal prolapse can be managed without surgery. I feel hopeful, I feel relieved. And I'm ready to do the work necessary to manage this. I have benefited from reading everyone's posts -- you all are so helpful and share your ideas and experiences so that others may benefit. That's all I wanted to say -- THANKS!

Thanks so much for your thoughts. I