The Pubis as the True Pelvic Floor


Dear Christine

When I first visited Wholewoman a month or so ago I printed off a paper that you had written for a conference. I am pretty sure it was in the News section of the Homepage and had a title similar to the above. I gave it to a rather 'unconservative' gynaecologist I visited a couple of weeks ago, hoping to enlighten him. He smiled bemusedly as I left. I made the mistake of not saving it anywhere, now I can't find it on your site. Would you mind posting it somewhere so I can take a new copy please?

Hi Louise,

I'm transitioning systems right now and there is no one to do the formatting it takes to make changes to the present site. I'll have that paper up on the new site.

If you like, Louise, just send me ( your email address and I'll send you back the document.