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Christine - I just wanted to mention that I visited the Pelvic Floor Clinic in my city yesterday for a follow-up appointment to a pessary fitting. I brought your book to show the RN and she was very interested in it . . . I also gave her this website address and told her about your DVD. She said she would check it out. The more people who know about you the better!

I was also asking the RN if there is some sort of support group for women with prolapses in our city. I think it would be interesting to get one up and running . . . especially for young women hoping to have another baby. She said they have been looking into that and will bring it up again with her colleagues.

I have found that I feel worse with the pessary in (and especially when I take it out - ouch . . . especially the suction cup style) and told the RN that the pessary just isn't for me. She's referring me to a urogynocologist for an opinion on a second pregnancy and birth but I also plan to visit a midwife as this is the path I'd like to take should we decide to have another child. Just want to get all sides before I make a decision.

I hope everything is going well with The Whole Woman Project (I think that's what you refer to the place you're opening!). I haven't been posting much lately . . . one teething baby up all night = one exhausted mama.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Heather - I would love to hear what your Gyno says - As I am also to see one soon to ask the same questions :)

Thanks so much, Heather!! I'm completely excited to be at the new center. The studio is GLORIOUS - can't wait to put pictures up on the new site.

Thanks for asking about the WWProject. The way I'm envisioning it is that there will be the mother-site, which is the WWcenter and also WW.com. Then there will be the WWP, a non-profit organization devoted to research, education, and public awareness. The last thing I thought I would ever be building in this life is a company, but one just never knows what the Universe might have in store for us. :-)

All blessings,


Hi Sue - I probably won't be seeing the Urogynocologist for another 6-8 months (long waiting list to see the female Dr.). I'll let you know when I know for sure. It's good to know there are a few of us in the same boat for deciding about more children isn't it? I don't feel so alone, anyways.

It makes me sad that prolapse has created a situion where by we are afraid to have more children if that is our heart's desire. After my second child, I wanted more, but I was afraid. Thankfully, I got pregnant, unplanned, :) and he has been such a blessing. He would have been worth it even if my organs hit the floor after his birth. But I was so afraid prior to becoming pregnant with him that another pregnancy and birth would further compromise me, that if it hadn't happened without my planning, I may not have had another. Thankfully, I was able to birth quickly and easily and I actually feel more back to normal after his birth than I did after my second birth where I noticed prolapse. I believe it is the posture that has helped. Prolapse would not make me hesitate to have another child; time and energy, well that's another story...:) Anyway, I wish you faith and wisdom as you take this journey to recovery and to fullfilling your heart's desires.

While I was on a plane today, I overheard a woman in the seat behind me telling her seatmate (the person next to her, whom she apparently didn't know) that "her uterus and vagina [and possibly some other things, I don't recall exactly] had fallen out, and she'd gotten a hysterectomy". First, I was surprised that she was telling a stranger all this, and secondly, I was very curious about all the details. I wondered if she had done any research before she'd undergone the hysterectomy. I got to chatting with her as we got off the plane, and I think that the answer was no. Her father was an OB, and he had encouraged the surgery. She told me that she was glad she'd had it done, because they'd found a bunch of other stuff (benign tumors and I don't know what else). She claimed that she felt better having it all out. I told her about my cystocele, and she gave me a look that made me think she didn't know what I was talking about. After having read the WW book, I just felt bad for her. I encouraged her to take a look at this site, even though she'd had the surgery. I don't know how much help this will be at this point, but I assume that women who have had surgery need to do all they can to prevent more prolapse.

Jane -Thanks for the nice words. I guess I'm partly fearful about a second pregnancy and birth because of my bad tear (and horrendous hemmroids!) I had on top of the prolapses. I was just in so much pain after I gave birth for so many months that the thoughts of going through all that again . . . I don't know. It almost becomes quality of life for me and my husband and son, too. Time will tell. I definitely feel well now and have come a long way in a year and a half. I feel encouraged about another pregnancy and birth when I think of you.