prolapsed bladder (mild)



Hi-I am glad to have finally found a forum where I can reach out to other women who have proplapsed bladders. I was diagnosed back in April. My gyn told me it was mild--he's seen worse and told me to continue on with whatever I have been doing. Surgery and the pessary device was only slightly mentioned. I have been trying to do the Kegel exercise and don't feel much progress. I am looking for advice, support, and information on how I can get back to my "normal" self without the surgery.

Hi yogi,

Well, you've probably read through the forum and gathered that there are many women with this condition who are doing very well.

The core of this work is changing our posture so that the pelvic organs are better supported internally. I put all the information on a video/DVD that you can order here on the site.

We're changing the website soon to contain more information. If you have any additional questions, please ask!


Hi Christine

I ordered your video/book and look forward to gaining some knowledge about how to cope with this physical distraction without having surgery.