Hi Everybody,

Can somebody please help me with something that has been puzzling me for ages, to the point of extreme frustration (not to mention panic). Normally, my cystocele feels about the size of a small wallnut (for want of a better analogy)and does not protrude very far out. However, when I strain or do something physical (which I have since learnt not to do), it 'grows' to the size of a 'golf ball'. But what is really puzzling me is that when I go to the bathroom straight away, and even if I can only pruduce a 'few drops' so to speak, it shrinks right back down and sometimes even dissappears altogether and stays that way until I have been back up on my feet for a while. It is like inflating and deflating a balloon and I just cannot seem to get my head around this. Does this happen to anybody else, and if so PLEASE can you explain why this happens, because I don't understand it at all.

Bright Blessings, Shirley

Hi Shirley,

Pressure. The female pelvis is under a great amount of internal pressure. We're not talking about air here - it's an airless space - but pure force. We just had a discussion about post-hysterectomy vaginal vault prolapse - a totally everted and hugely ballooned vagina, blown out that way by the forces of intraabdominal pressure. When you open up the system, even for a little wee-wee, it causes depressurization and the cystocele to deflate.

The biaxial design (vertical abdominal wall and horizontal pelvis) of the female body is one of the greatest marvels in nature. Human beings find all manner of gods and devils to worship and so few appreciate what a true miracle the human body really is.


totally off topic and it really is a good illustration of what is going...but Christine I'm laughing at your wee-wee! For a second I thought I typed that answer...:)

We must all be related. I thought I was the only one who grew up using that term!! :-)

Hi Shirley

I'm quite new to all this too. Since cracking mild chronic depression about six years ago I have discovered the delights of libido, body awareness and pleasure, and really started making friends with my body. I figure it is mine, and I had better get to know it properly after all this time. I have noticed that my pelvic and abdominal organs shift round all over the place depending on what position I am in, how long I have been on my feet, what I have been lifting, how I have been sitting, whether I have remembered to exercise my pelvic muscles, whether my bladder is full, what is going on in my intestinal tract etc. Everything goes back to where it should be when I lie on my tummy, but after a couple of hours doing livestock work I feel that it is all about to fall out. Since changing my posture there are some days when it feels all quite normal for most of the day, especially if I have been able to resist the temptation to sit back in a chair for too long (like spending three hours driving). We don't even think about our pelvic organs until they give us pain or unfamiliar sensations. When you consider what happens during pregnancy and childbirth it makes you realise how mobile it all is. Aren't bodies amazing how they can adapt?

Cheers, Louise

Thanks so much for this observation, Louise, as it certainly is so true. My prolapse bothers me at times, which I would never trade for all the other times I feel wonderful, healthy, and completely functional. I went to a three-day conference over the weekend where most of the time we sat in theater seats in a large auditorium. I refused to sit back in the cushy chair, but sat on the edge of the seat using the strength of my spine. By the end of the conference my prolapse was nowhere to be found! :-) Christine