Posture clarification (plz)


Ok- I look at the picture of the posture...

Basically I just see a woman standing - But that is prolly cos I am 'Brain-Thick' lol

Is it a kinda sticking out of butt more to curve the back into this more natural curve?
And shoulders down back strong etc>?

Hoping I can eventually get brain to understand this...


A "soft" belly isn't really accurate - it should be firmly held by the oblique abdominal muscles - sort of "braced". To get the idea, think of lengthening the area b/t belly and pb.

Hmmmmmm yes if I concentrate mre on upper sping i can feel the abs come in to work..

Seems fromthe internet I did everything possible to cause this :(

! - Forceps
2 - 2 x large babies
3 - Step aerobics and alot of that kinda stuff (also did 600 sit ups a day)
4 - No Kegels till a few months ago (eeps)

I think that women should be taught in their teens how important this is - If they would listen that is.


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Hi Sue,
I find that if I stand as straight as I can, feet shoulder width apart, take a deep breath, blow it out slowly and completely, I feel everything settling into place. Hope this helps .

Can Kegels make a prolapse worse?

Has made Incontinence leaking a million times better are my thoughts on the issue. The pelvic "floor" is an inclined, horseshoe-shaped group of muscles that extend from the pb to the tailbone with a parting in the center of the muscles from urethra to anus. Contracting the pelvic floor causes a motion that is like closing a pair of elevator doors - that's the only movement the muscles are capable of.

When you do kegels the facial layers surrounding the bladder neck are conditioned (the pf muscles don't actually connect with the urethra most anatomy sources say) causing a tighter right angle b/t bladder and urethra - therefore less leaking.

This is great. However, if the body is not in the proper shape to keep the bladder and uterus positioned over the pubic bone, urinary incontinence might resolve completely - the cause of that improvement being a fallen bladder having totally kinked the urethra. No incontinence, but a difficult time emptying completely of urine and a nice little cystocele.

When you do endless kegels as traditionally taught, you might initially improve the urethrovesical angle (described above), but you are doing nothing to keep the bladder itself correctly positioned, and perhaps even pulling it toward the front vaginal wall.

The pelvic "floor", which is positioned more like a ramp than a floor functions best when it is stretched taut by lifting the tailbone - this closes the elevator doors. These muscles are adapted to hold a constant state of tension, but not the constant weight of the organs, and also to respond to intermittent sharp increases in pressure.

At any rate, endless studies and countless women have given us the picture - kegels have some effect on urinary incontinence but little or no effect on the progression of prolapse.

there's a description in your book, Christine, of the womb walk and I found that gave me a good sense of 'belly round and taut over the pubic bone'. I think it was placing my hands (palms out) behind my hips that did it for me. hth someone.
I have a question regarding kegels....I've read in my Bradley Husband Coached Childbirth book that the pc muscles also help hold the vagina up. Kinda like squeezing the bottom end of a tube creates a force that keeps the tube long. Letting go allows it to 'crumple' and sag. I know that either way this won't cause a prolapse, but in my mind's eye I can see how coupled with a healthy natural posture this would keep the tissues from getting overstretched. What are your thoughts?
I wish I could locate the picture in the book online so you could see how they portray it....

Blue Cross Blue Shield considers physical therapy for genital prolapse investigational. My second appeal (first appeal was denied) for PT services (8 sessions) was denied based on this and the fact that neuromuscular retraining with biofeedback which should really have been written as surface electromyography is listed under the exclusions section of my policy. The biofeedback part that is. I am not satisfied with this decision and will pursue the only option I have. However, the point I am trying to make is that your insurance carrier will get out of paying for these issues based on the terms "investigational" or "biofeedback". Therefore, pelvic floor strengthening by use of "kegels" must not work for genital prolapse. BC/BL Shield said so. (I hope you see my tongue in cheek at that last statement).

Too amazing, Granolamom! It was that very movement you describe that brought the

I'm sorry - all this goes straight over my head :(

Usually I understand things easily - Unfortunately this time I feel pretty demented.


ok - Partner (Nik) said - If you stand againsta wall you should be able to get your hand in the 'gap' behind your spine - Is this right or wrong not enough or am i just am imbecile (likely) lol


I'm not sure about standing against the wall. I tried it and can't maintain the posture we're talking about. Either my head doesn't reach or there's no room for my rear. Try to forget everything you know about 'correct posture' and think about J.Lo, lol. Or some sexy swimsuit models (the barefoot ones). seriously. they flaunt their feminine form. Let your body take up all the space it wants and hold it up proudly.