Best exercise?


What is the best 'Normal' exercise to do now - I used to - Pre MS - Do a helluva lot of walking - step aerobics - weights - Cycling - Rowing - You name it I did it - lol

I have been unwell for a few years now - But am feeling better and I need to start something aerobic again - slowly - But to not damage the prolapse more - So which exercise would be the most 'calm'

I am thinking step and all the stepping up and down may exacerbate?



I think walking in the posture is very good. It's difficult to describe exercise in words. I recently got the idea to put up on the new website very simple animated line drawings of some of the exercises in my video. I'm working with my daughter (our resident WW artist whom this work would've paled without!) and the web developer on that project and I SO HOPE it works for those who can't get the tape.:-)