ab exercises


can anyone suggest any abdominal exercises that can help me tighten my ab muscles without pushing my bladder down further....i know there are the ones in the video, where you are sitting on the chair and clenching the pillow between the knees and raising the legs up..and that tightens the abs a bit..but are there any others..i would really appreciate any help or suggestions..this is important to me..thanks
love shannon

Hi Shannon,

As you know, I believe that in order to build core strength while maintaining the stability of our lumbar-pelvic-hip area, we benefit most by exercises that work the gluteals and the abs at the same time. Even well known trainers are questioning the classic crunch, which strongly works the vertical rectus muscles of the abdomen, in favor of knee raises which are less stressful on the lower back and work the deeper obliques.

All abdominal exercises done lying flat on your back (crunches, leg lifts, boat pose) direct strong pressure to the pelvic diaphragm and are tough on the female body.

However, turn over onto your stomach and you can create a variety of exercises that work both the abs and the buns. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Lay prone with your forehead on the floor and your arms at your sides with palms up and slightly underneath your thighs. Lift one leg slightly off the floor, count to 10 and then lower slowly and with control. Repeat twice and reverse legs.

2. Lift both legs and hold.

3. Raise your head slightly off the floor while keeping both legs on the ground and toes pointing straight ahead. Protect your neck by keeping your forehead parallel to the floor (don