Bartholin cyst?


Anyone know anything about getting rid of these?

Sorry Kiki, no idea. Hope you can make them go away without too much intervention.


You just have one? Is it tender? big? getting bigger?

I think this is the kind of cyst I had postpartum with my 4th child.
It lasted months. got pretty big (seemed to grow deeper). Not sure why it went away. I was using a peri rinse with uvaursi, comfrey, and a few other herbs- so maybe that helped?
I know I really became aware of it when we started fooling around again.

You know, I might try castor oil packs to draw it out.....
hope it goes away fast!

think so...have a little lump, guessing that is what it is.
friend gave me a homeopathic remedy to try today...main one for the cyst but amazing that when she read my emotional state (stressed!) it matched to a T. hmmmm.....
is tiny compared to what i read it could be, isn't bugging me, but don't want it to get bigger. been soaking and massaging.

castor oil packs--do you soak a cloth in castor oil?