update since first admission



Hi everyone!
After my first posting, I returned to my GYN. He then informed me it was not a uterine prolapse, but a bladder prolapse. In a way I was relieved, but know I still have to deal with this. The exercises and posture I believe is helping, along with the Kegels, and now from one of the posting I read, I will institute "the squeeze".

Thank you Christine for the advice in eating habits.

I do have a problem with one thing though, when driving, and I am in the car alot during the week, is there anything I can use to position myself
properly. I have a lumbar adjustment in my seat back but am wondering if the seat being upright is enough to cause my organs to sit forward.
Any suggestions?

Hi Sweetnoni, I read your letter, but what is the "squeeze?"
A few of us ladies put a small pillow in the back at the waistline area to keep a good posture! Will the "posture" help with bladder prolapse as well? Nancy