Kegel exercises


Christine - Is there any point in doing Kegels? I haven't been doing them since I bought your book/DVD a few weeks ago (I always hated Kegels). I'm finding I feel less achy and the 'falling out' feeling isn't there as much since I started with the postures.


Hi Heather,

I also hate the Kegals, although with bladder incontinence, I think they are helpful.

The posture and a few sited exercises seem to be all I need and I think also with anyone. I figure if I can stay stable, I will be happy. They say the worse the prolapses are, the less likely one will be bladder incontinent. I don't know how true that is. But the posture seems to keep things "moving along" as they should - though there are days, especially when I do too much, that rest is called for.