Sea Sponge as pessary


i just tried using a sea sponge as a pessary. It was wonderfully comfortable for the few hours I used it and was so good to feel so "tucked in" while marching at the capitol today! When I removed it there was a small amount of blood (probably from irritation?)at the top end. Is there a tea or other soothing liquid I could dip the sponge in before inserting? Is this a problem? I really want to use this, at least for long walks. Any helpful suggestions? Thanks girls.

What do the vaginal walls do during walking? I am wondering if the sea sponge would 'agitate' like an old fashioned washing machine, ie rotate right and left. Could this abrade the cervix? Or do the back and front walls slip sideways back and forth over each other, with the ins and outs of the rugae lining up with each other? Or does the whole vagina, cervix and uterus agitate as a fixed, but flexible unit?


Hi Yellow Daffodil,

Glad you found it helpful. I found them useful when I first realised I had POP. I don't need them now because I've made some progress ( hurray) but I did see how they could be a real godsend for some women.

I never had the spotting problem. Sorry - I don't know if you're pre or post meno. I'm pre and that may have helped. Make sure you wet it properly before hand - then just squeeze it - don't wring it out. I tried a little replens or olive oil a few times. Ultra comfy and no irritation - but a bit wet for me. I would think keeping everything moist might be the key. Happy experimenting.


Thanks Doubtful...I am post...will try again, maybe wetter and with less activity. Everything has stayed in place quite nicely since I tried it yesterday which feels like a miracle! Have also been practicing the posture and exercises.

Doin' the "Pelvic Rock"!, Y.D.

Thank you Louise...your thinking is so logical...looking forward to even more info. Y.D.

It is probably a spiral movement from bottom to top, as that's the direction of ground to spine forces. They say the vaginal muscles are spiral in nature and perhaps they develop this way through walking.

I have decoded the hip mystery to my satisfaction, and in doing so realized that the front vaginal wall does not clamp down sharply against the back vaginal wall, as I have regurgitated from gynecology texts. Rather, the back wall clamps against the front when we’re in full sacral nutation, forming a closed, airless space. This is why we don’t have vaginal air unless we stand on our head (or such).

They are fluffier, more air cells for expansion, and don't smell like sea sponges do.I have been wearing them for over a year. I can go all day, 8 hours or more without urinating, when I remove it, totally different story. This has saved my life. They are not abrasive. If it is, you haven't dampened it enough. Don't get the loofah ones LOL, there are nice round beige ones at CVS and K-Mart in Miami area. Check your stores.

Thanks Goddess! The sea sponges are working well for me now, although the smell concerns me some...rinse and change every few hours. I like that they are a natural substance...will check out the fake ones too! Either way, they are a Goddess-send while practicing posture, pelvic rock, etc.!

I tried some olive oil (xtra Virgin, of course) once, but haven't needed it since then...just a spot of blood 2 times...think my tissues are adjusting to it. Also, am using the smaller sponges (menstrual size)...couldn't get the larger ones meant for prolapse. I'm so surprised something so small can keep everything in place! Today I felt a difference in my cystocele...first noticeable change...seems smaller...less there...pinch me....Y.D.

Miami Goddess, do the Faux Spa Sponges actually say this on the packet? I live in the UK and I want to be sure I am using the correct item. As yet I haven't tried anything other than tampons but the sponges, natural or otherwise, sound promising.

I just received my sponges today. I am using the small one now. I can feel it's there and it has slipped a couple of times. I'm wondering if I should try using it at night as there would be less pressure and if this would help during the day if I don't wear it. Or should I try the larger one?
I am post Hyst 8 years my prolapse started 4 years ago. I am very careful and do not lift etc. but I love to walk and hike and ride my motorcycle. Sometimes after these activities my POP is much worse.

Hi ZuZu - not many sponge users on our forum, but you can use the search box up above to look for older discussion threads that may be of interest. I don't see any benefit from wearing the sponge at night. You'll just have to experiment a bit. Christine does have a program to help post-hyst women manage prolapse, take a look:

Post-hyst, you do have some issues to be aware of, but you can continue most activities safely. Hope you have had a chance to look around the site. - Surviving