Does sexual arousal help?


Slightly sexually explicit post here...

I'm a 38 year old woman and I have had a diagnosed stage 3 uterine prolapse and stage 1 bladder prolapse for about 3 years, now. I joined this site shortly after and have the books and materials, though, honestly, I haven't been following it too much. Even though it's stage 3, it just doesn't bother me all that much. It only know it's "there" when I feel it when washing or wiping, or if I'm in a certain sexual position that I know I should avoid.

I am in a long-distance relationship, so I don't have actual penetration often. Which is a shame, because that really does help put it back in its place for a good while. (That is a great hint, if it will help anybody, which I did learn on this site - my partner knows that when we engage in sex, to very first thing, right out of the gate, start out with some good penetration - then my discomfort about how it all might look is gone, because it's bumped up there pretty good for the next day or so.)

Anyway...being long distance, and for a lot of varying reasons, we have been having a LOT of long-distance arousal. I mean, just a happily shameful amount of sexually explicit talk and emails and all sorts of lovely filth. Additionally, due to all of this, I am masturbating much, much, much more than usual. (Have I mentioned I'm turned on?) Again, penetration. And VERY strong orgasms - much stronger than usual.

Here's the interesting part. Since the time I've started to be so ultra-aroused - (and's kind of a fun game we're playing - it is almost ALL day, EVERY day) - I've seen my friend only 2 or 3 times. In the mornings, which is when I can almost always feel it while showering, - nothing. I actually have to REACH INSIDE to feel it. Same thing when I use the bathroom - now I am actively looking for it when I wipe, and I feel nothing. (A wonderful nothing!)

Now...part of this wonderful journey we're on does involve pictures, so I can plainly see that, in certain positions that I already knew weren't good for me, it is still protruding. And there has been 1 or 2 times when I did feel it when I was wiping. But this has been about a month now, and usually my friend is there every day. It coincides exactly with the start of my intense and prolonged state of arousal, multiple orgasms daily, and no penetration.

Additionally - even more strange - I have been coughing, getting over a cold, for the past month as well. I have awful postnasal drip after every cold. You would think that would affect my prolapse negatively, but even still...very little sightings.

What do you think? Could there be any real reason for this? Or is it just a happy coincidence?


1- That's just AWESOME! : D
2- You reminded me that I had sexual questions concerning prolapse. Thanks!
3- I'd always heard that orgasms work the vaginal muscles so even without penetration you're still working the muscles. I'm very new to all of this but I can't think of a reason that working the muscles would be bad. So, it sounds like you've got the right idea!

I think more research is needed. ;)

Hey, go for it ladies. There is no TMI here. It is often quite difficult to talk about specific sexual matters, even with close friends and family. We will probably never see each other which, for some reason makes it more comfortable, for me anyway. Online is a wonderful place to share experiences, discoveries and new knowledge.

If you put 'sex' into the Search box you will discover what we have already discussed in the past. Feel free to drag it out again and continue the discussions for the benefit of all of us, particularly those who are more reserved about discussing sex with others. They can happily Lurk 'n Learn along with the rest of us.

I find your discoveries about orgasm quite credible. Supposedly the uterus 'rises up' somehow during orgasm, which would probably mean that the prolapsed uterus would normalise its position afterwards. If I was God I would certainly organise it that way! ;-)

I have experienced a bearing down sensation just before orgasm, which of course makes my bladder and uterus come down further. This is a bit disconcerting, when I would rather just be deep in the moment and not worried about anything. I can't do anything about this compulsion to bear down, so I just go with it. My POPs never seem worse after it.

The reason I suggested penetrative sex to someone a couple of days ago is that an erect penis literally pushes all your organs back up. If you can organise the right position you will find that you (or should I say he) can get the top of the vagina pointing towards mid-sacrum and the bladder and uterus pushed forwards. I find that this is pretty effective with me on top astride, facing forwards, with my butt sticking out. DH loves lying back and enjoying the ride with a big dreamy smile on his face. I am in complete control of what is happening in my pelvic cavity.

I would imagine you could get the same effect with a dildo, or even a long, fat vibrator. Some come with a stand, presumably with big suction cups on the underside. The mind boggles.

Maybe penetration is not as necessary as I thought, and other effects are in play to reposition prolapsed pelvic organs?

Just remember the lube, and be aware that oils will compromise anything made from latex, eg condoms.

Now, practise daily, girls!!



My ex and I did some tests on positions and sex etc - I did notice that after sex the POP was much better and less problematic. It was great when it was really bad back then. I was a stage 3 maybe - It was always 'peeking' and I could always feel it - It was horrid. And now - I don't feel it when wiping or hardly at all... Maybe a teeny bit at period time - But not enough to bother me at all....

Also - You know when you Orgasm - if you think - Sometimes it feels like the uterus is a kinda 'fist' and that fist gets tighter /clenches during orgasm. And in that - I feel that that clenching of the fist/uterus - the actual orgasmic clench type thingy - It is like everything tightens up and it draws up inside of you.

The tests my ex and I did a few years ago - Showed me that sex was a great thing for POP and Orgasm itself also is.

I am glad you are doing so well with yours :-)

Now - Years on and we are apart - If my POP feels a bit low I will immediately check myself and make sure I am pulled up into the posture.... And almost immediately I can feel things lift. And then the problem is gone!



I have found that not to be the case for me, unfortunately. It seems that when I have an orgasm, my uterus comes down even further, like it's trying to come out. I find it hard to imagine it would go back up when it's actually coming further out. I WISH I could push it back up. Thanks for all the wonderful letters!