Olive Oil Lubricant


I had read from one of the posts to use olive oil to help with dry tissues for post menopausal women. I have been using the olive oil for the last couple of days and for some reason, it really seems to help the prolapse. I don't understand it, but the prolapse does not drop down as low. Any clues anyone? Or has anyone else had this experience? I am also having luck with a moistened tampon. But I have a short vaginal area, so the tampon does make me cramp and give me a lower back ache. I thought I would try putting it in sideways as someone here suggested.


Hi Healthnut

I find olive oil quite a good lubricant for sex, so I cannot see it being a problem for every day use. It persists quite well. I think it works by loosening the stickiness that can happen in the menopausal vagina and vulva, ie the vaginal walls glide over each other better. The vagina can more easily correct its own positioning. The vaginal walls are connected to the bladder, the uterus and the rectum by fascia. If the vaginal walls can move freely over each other, then the uterus, rectum and bladder will be able to reposition themselves more easily as well.

When you say you have a shortened vaginal area, what do you mean? My uterus was retroverted until just before menopause, when it flipped over. My vagina was definitely longer after that.


I have always had a tilted uterus if that is what you are calling retroverted. I never felt comfortable with tampons. That makes sense what you said about the vaginal walls being more free to move over each other with the lubricant. I was thinking the same thing.


Healthnut, how long since your periods stopped? And how long have you been doing WW posture? My uterus flipped over to normal, anteverted position about two years before my periods stopped, during that time when periods get very heavy. I had very heavy bleeding at night for many many years in perimenopause, and changed instantly. I think it was my uterus flipping over that caused the change. I no longer had heavy bleeding at night from then on, just during the day, during a period. I don't know whether it was the fact that it shrank, which it did, and was no longer jammed under my sacrum, and presumably some intestines too, or whether I was continually urging it forward with my new posture (or a combination of the two). Incidentally, I am not the only Member who has experienced a uterus flipping over. I was about three years into WW posture at the time, I think. You might find that in time your uterus will reposition itself too, and your vagina may become longer again.

In the meantime I hope the olive oil does the trick. I am sure it will help.