Sea Sponges for Uterine Prolapse


Hello All -

I am thinking of trying the sea sponges I've read about here. Based on what I've read, though, I'm wondering whether they could work for someone with this type/degree of prolapse.

By way of re-introduction (I was here for awhile last year, then went away for awhile, and now I'm back), 2 years ago following the birth of my 2nd child I had bladder neck suspension surgery for a pretty significant cystocele. Unfortunately, I did not know enough about other options until after I had this surgery. I now understand that what I am now left with -- what I believe is a 3rd degree uterine prolapse -- is pretty much a guarantee following this type of 'corrective' surgery. The uterus has pushed down the cervix, which hangs at or around the vaginal opening (I can feel the strings of my IUD).

I'm desperate to avoid any further surgeries, which of course the surgeon informed me would be 'inevitable' after he detected the uterine prolapse. I don't fully believe that is the case. However, symptoms as-is are growing increasingly difficult to handle. I have 2 very young and very energetic boys (2 and 4) and am frustrated by my inability to keep up with them or maintain my formerly active lifestyle. I don't think a pessary will be a good option for me. I think I remember Christine advising me that this type of prolapse didn't respond well to them and I want more control over whatever I decide to put in there.

Before I waste any money, has anyone in similar situation tried one of these with any degree of success?

Any advice is greatly appreciated - thank you!!

I tried them and they really hurt and pinched and caused bleeding. I guess because the lining of my vaginal walls are so thin being post menopausal. You might have more luck if you are younger.

I tried it and it gave me an infection plus discharge and bleeding. Tampons insterted work best then turned to the side. You can use lubricant if necessary. It is a miracle for me.

Nana, where have you gone. I have not seen a lot of you on here lately is everything ok. Please keep in touch.

Well have started acupuncture to see where it leads, hopefully up.LOL I have been stuck, burned,poked, and rubbed and pushed so we will see. Had about 12 needles in me today. Hope my spleen, liver and kidneys enjoyed them. Will keep you all in the loop. And taking these little round black chinese pills, OMG.

This is the first time I'm reading things like "pinched", "hurt", "infection", "discharge", "bleeding", especially in conjunction with being menopausal and having a thiner vaginal lining. Oh, my! I'm getting really confused with the mixed reviews. I wonder how something that turns so soft and squishy when wet can have some claiming how much they hurt & scratch. If you're supposed to wash and wet them first and have the option of adding a lubricant, how can this be? I realize everyone's innards are different but I'm now wearing a Gellhorn pessary, one of the ones that lack so much in the way of flexibility that it can only be inserted by your GYN so it seems like a sea sponge would be the most comfortable thing in the world! I had read that some women experienced some discomfort with putting in and wearing a sea sponge but when I read the word "infection", it's now making me think twice!

Well, you gotta remember that anything you put in your vagina is a foreign object, that your body will try and protect itself from. If the vaginal tissues become inflamed in an attempt to put a barrier between you and the pessary, sponge or Gellhorn, there is the possibility of tissues being open to infection, but more likely you will get a horrible smelling discharge, which is not actually infection of tissue, just dead cells breaking down. However, it would be silly to not ensure that the sponge is thoroughly cleaned before putting it in and between uses. I think hydrogen peroxide is suggested for cleaning them. Check this.

The reason for going back for removal, cleaning and reinsertion is to check on how your vaginal tissues are reacting to the presence of the pessary, 24/7.

The advantage of the sponge is that you can take it out at night and give your vagina a rest from the foreign body.

Are there any postmenopausal, long term sponge users out there who could comment on this please?

Has anyone tried tying a strong silk cord around or through the sea sponges for prolapse, in order for the sponges to be easily removed from inside one's body?