back pain


This is my first post, though I have visited on and off for the past few months.
I work at a library and spend half the day on my feet.
I teach yoga 2 nights a week. I wonder if this might be aggrivating my back, though I am unable to figure out what postures might be contributing.

I have struggled with back pain on and off for the last couple of years. Chiropractor has been able to eleviate for the most part.
About 4 months ago I started having right sided pain from shoulder on down into my bottom.Massage helped but it never really went away. So a few weeks ago my chiropractor suggest the Physical Therapist evaluate me. At this point the pain is at lower back, hip level and below.
PT said he suspected left sided weakness and my right side was over compensating. I began PT twice a week, the second week I felt a little better and then it went downhill.
he has me doing pelvic tilt while holding my abs tight, butt crunches, squats with a exercise ball against my back and the wall,
hamstring stretches, bridge, among others.
The pain is now affecting my sleep. I am wondering if these exercises have put pressure on my prolapse and this is causing the increase in back pain.
I have obstruction? with bowel movement and must manually apply pressure to move things along, this has been going on for months.
Is this something that I just have to learn to live with?
Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa :)

Hi Lisa and Welcome,

Stories such as yours astound me as much as the endless pelvic floor garble