Bartholin cyst Remedies


Hi Everyone,

I have what a believe to be a small Bartholin cyst. I thought prolapse was causing some irritation, but on closer inspection it appears to be what I believe to be a small bartholin cyst on the right side. It feels irritated and sometimes a bit itchy. Anyway, from what I briefly read on the net, they say to have sitz baths daily. Just wondering whether any of you have any home remedies. If it doesn't get better, I'll make a doctor's appointment - it takes forever to get into my GP anyway, so hopefully I can kick it by then.

Thanks guys,

friend gets those, and she said hot towel or pack all night (have to refresh occasionally--but not too hot) from the microwave usually was enough to drain it.
accupuncture can also help and i'm sure homeopathy would have something you can try if you google it...