I would like to try the Balm how well will it work for a Pessary . i ordered one time and it seem to work well but not sure how long the product is good for and will it hurt the Pessary i was told i should not be using it but it did work better than Trimo Sans and i had no oder from it .Have any of you used it with a Pessary?

Hi Grandma Jo

I no longer use a pessary. It depends on what your particular pessary is made of. You could contact the manufacturer and ask them. If they are not helpful I would think you could find out via the Patents Office, quoting the patent number.

The problem is that oils can damage rubber-type products. Not sure about neoprene, which is synthetic rubber. I *think* plastics are OK. Not sure about silicon, but I think it is OK, because it is the material used for condoms that are to be used where there may be oil-based materials, eg ointments(?). I don't know that it is all oils. Maybe just mineral oils? Anything that has the potential to break down the material of the pessary (if this is the case) has the potential to put chemicals/substances that exist only because of the breakdown process into your body, and damage the pessary as well. I guess you can always get a new pessary, but new bodies are out of stock!

When we receive advice only to use particular products, it is often because there is a commercial relationship between the manufacturing companies concerned, not anything to do with potential problems of using something else. You often see notices saying that "this product has to be used with the device. Use of other products will nullify the warranty."

If you were given this advice by the doctor, the doctor may or may not know the full story. They are doctors, not materials scientists! Research it yourself, then you can identify why you were told not to use the balms. If you research it thoroughly and cannot find the reason, then go for it. You might even have to consult a materials laboratory, who will be totally impartial. If you find out anything, let us know. This is important information for pessary users. Here's hoping.