Using tampons?


I was just wondering if anybody knew of any contraindications to using tampons when you have a UP. Not to "hold things up", but for my menstrual period. This is my first period since noticing my prolapse a few weeks ago, and I am just a little paranoid of putting anything in there. But I HATE pads and I am having a very heavy cycle. Ug, I see what everybody means about things being so much harder during menstruation. :( I was feeling so much better but not things seem to be hangin' again. lol Anyway, just wondered if there was any reason NOT to use tampons or a diaphragm or anything else that you have to insert for that matter. TIA


I have had prolapse for many years and have been using tampons. I have a cystocele, rectocele, and also uterine prolapse. What happens is I must insert the tampon alongside the uterus, behind it, like between the uterus and the back wall of the vagina. The cervix, where the blood comes out, ends up soaking the end of the tampon. So it begins to leak onto my panty before the upper part ever gets red. It has been very annoying to be sure, but still somewhat functional and better than wearing just a pad. Sometimes it seems to fall out more easily than it used to but for the most part will stay inside. I think the cystocele and rectocele kind of hold it in place.


I haven't seen any contraindications exactly, but my experience thus far is that tampons are not working as well as they used to work. I am having my first PP cycle, and it's heavy. Small tampons don't do the job, and larger ones seem to fall down to an uncomfortable position and/or leak. I don't know if it's due to my POP (cystocele in this case) or something else. Also, all of the tampons are uncomfortable to insert. I didn't have this trouble before the POP. I'm considering trying the sea sponges and also possibly some kind of cup, i.e. Diva Cup or The Keeper. I wish I still had my diaphragm so that I could see how that fit. I'll be interested to see what other responses you get.

I have been using tampons (I have a cystocele and rectocele, don't know if my uterus is where it should be so I'll say no noticable uterine prolapse). sometimes they slip into an uncomfortable position and sometimes I have to find a 'good angle' to insert them. I find that things are always changing down there. who knew anatomy was so dynamic? I haven't been using my diaphragm, so I can't share anything there.

I just got a Diva Cup and have been using it for a few days. So far, I have not a clue??!! It seems like if I can get it in and far up enough, that it works good. I still have been using a small pad with it. It is a little uncomfortable trying to get it in and out, especially with the prolapse. You feel like you may be moving "something" (who knows what) out of place. Maybe, I just need a little practice. It seems to be a lot better than the regular huge gush though.

I have heard great things about Sea Pearls - I got some but keep forgetting to use them...
They are meant to be a great alternative to a pessary too...

Here is info...(I think US site is .com)