Back from PT


Went to PT. She had a look at the WW book but didn't say much (more fool her)

Basically she said I read too much (lol) And I obscess too much - lmao. I know this to be a fact! Yes I may fall apart - But once I get my head around things - I ALWAYS come out of it a stronger woman and far far more knowing and understanding towards others.

She said that as I am not having any other problems at all - There is no reason why I cannot keep the POp at this level for life - That is good. She said it is NOT a grade 3 (No idea how she knows this as she never looked or touched me - I drew her a picture of how far it peeks etc)

I guess it went better than I anticipated - She didn't mention surgery to fix it - Which is good, as I was expecting her to just say 'Its broke lets us slash you up'

She was quite nice - But overall I knew already she couldn't do much in all reality to FIX things...

But what she did say and telling me it's not as bad as I think it is was a good thing :-)

She said I should just get on with life and not think about it and checkerama it all the time (lol - Yeah right)
She said I am doing all the right things...

Only time will tell...

But she says I don't have ANY bad symptoms - (Not UTIs no real leakage etc etc) So there are more good things than bad. The only bad thing is the peeking. But - If it stays where it is now - peekerama - For life...

I will learn to cope with that and I will rejoice in the fact that I got through life with it :-)

that's good news sue
but nothing you didn't know already! I guess it helps to hear a professional tell you too.

That is good news---but you're so VERY right in that she's 'loosing out' (in all ways, but professionally, in particular) by just brushing off the book.

I think it's awful that anyone would tell us we "read too much" when we canNOT depend on our healthcare providers for accurate and/or true information about our bodies and the 'procedures' they want to experiment with---on US!!

I was disappointed when my doctor (whom I LOVE--she has been wonderful to me and helped me so much concerning my disability) told me that I had two choices---a pessary, or surgery. (I told her I'd think about it...but have no intention of doing either.)

All in all, it sounds like you had a good appointment.