For the first time since my daughter was born I am broody. I was looking through the photos of my daughters birth last night and I had this real sad feeling about not having any more. I really could not cope with another pregnancy let alone another birth and prolapse tops it all off so I will definately not be having any more. My husband doesn't want anymore either after everything I have been through so its not gonna happen. But I do love babies and its such a shame the way things have turned out.

Hi Anita

Yeah, it is a point that many of us reach, sometimes for body reasons, sometimes for financial reasons and other external things. I would think it is quite normal and one of those things that just happens at a certain point, a bit like kids leaving home, menopause, death of a loved one, etc. Sometimes you don't have to actually do anything with these feelings, except express them. They just are. Just go with it.




yeah, I get broody about 'being done' too
I don't like the way it feels to be 'done'. like the end of an era or something. mournful in a way.

sending {{{{hugs}}}} your way

So I crossed that bridge some time ago, but
remember it clearly. My H decided it was enough
and got a Vas. I was sad too. Sadder than I anticipated.

Funny you posted this, For the first time in
way too long a time I held a baby.
This afternoon a baby and Mama came to me for
sewing and I got to hold her while Mama changed.
"Margot" Her eyes were just changing to brown
and she was tired but resisting and I watched all
those little babyisms and reveled in it and handed her
back with no pangs (anymore) It's O.k. it really is.
But my eyes always go to babies and my favorite age is
about a year. I flirt shamelessly when given a chance.

I am not far behind you Zelda, I will be 37 this year. I started having my kids late.

My sister in law is apparently going to start trying for another soon so I will have to just make do with some cuddles.

I think the picture that really did it for me was one of me cuddling my daughter and she was so tiny up on my shoulder with her newborn head nuzzled into my neck. Ahhhh.