Hello ladies,

Those of you who use the Balms can you let me know if they are good at helping with that irritating feeling of bulges pressing at the opening. I am beginning to feel a bit sore with all the pressure there. Nothing is actually bulding outside but it all feels tender and I am not sure how to help ease the discomfort.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


I find the balms invaluable. I am older than you are, 50, but I wish I'd started using some kind of moisture far earlier. I would have saved myself many years of trouble and misery. Christine's Bliss balm feels wonderful. Such a natural feel that it makes you forget your troubles for awhile. I also use her vulva balm almost daily. I also use an organic Aloe gel daily. Just a little of each one goes a long way. I would not think of doing without these now. I trusted when my gyn said there was nothing available, when in reality there is so much available. I just had to learn to look on the herbal and learn. All of your irritation might not be pop related, but even if not it will make the pop feel ever so much worse. I hope you find some comfort really soon. It is so easy for these things to get the best of us. Kit

... dearest Kit. I find that my poor va-j-j is quite sensitive these days but today it just started to feel a bit sore and I thought maybe putting something on it might just help a bit.

You haven't posted in awhile so I hope that means you are doing well.


I haven't had success with the balms. In the morning, after I get up, I can feel my POP move inside. After my shower, I use a large dollop of KY jelly. I can usually go the rest of the day and not feel anything move inside. If I've had a particularly active day I might have to reapply some more in the evening.

I also was wearing a regular panti-liner everyday. That seemed to be irrating my v-a opening. I found some 'ULTRA' thin liners and srarted using them. The irration went away and has not returned. Even though the regular liners are not that thick, they were rubbing just enough to irrate me. The ultra thin ones are so comfortable, and even cost less. Obviously, no good during your period time of month. Hope this tip might help you.

Goldfinch {{hugs}}

Something triggered in me a desire to be silent. I have been spending quiet days alone and sewing and working on my house and things left undone when I became really ill in the summer of 2006. I am so grateful to just be able to paint a window or a door or sew something, even if I still need regular rest stops. Even though I find I don't have much to say right now, I have a really peaceful spirit and a contentedness most days and my desire to create has returned with a presence I haven't felt in years (I just made some really pretty curtains, you know those sheer tone-on-tone white voile ones that look so lovely when the sun shines through and are so lightweight they lift with the slightest breeze?) It seems I need pretty things around me even more so now. They counter the struggles in some way. I am doing so much better than when I first started posting, thank goodness. I still have lesser days-- still working on some painful places--I think that is just the new normal. It grieves me at times, still, but I try to not dwell on it overly much. My journey though this did not start with pop, that was just an add on at the end, so I have a whole new reality as to what makes for a good day now. Thank you for thinking of me. That really warms my heart. I will try to post more, wake my voice up a bit. I still keep up with everyone. I visit here almost daily. Love, Kit

I've seen so little of your thoughts of late. I've missed your voice. It's such
a gentle and thoughtful voice. A distinct voice.
Your post is lovely and reassures me. I was a bit worried about you - sorta.
Thought about posting a wee query... but I'm so rarely on, and somehow it
seemed forward so I waited. I celebrate your peace and creativity.
I've been over- all quite well. I trip hard sometimes, but I get up pretty quickly
now. I like how you worded it - the new normal.
I am also learning to maintain this new contentedness, with both my DH and DPOP.
The work orders are flying in, and we're gaining on our debts. I'm tired but
hopeful. I've had quite the creative surges too. I made a really fun purse for
the owner of the little boutique I alter and hem jeans for. It was left-overs
from the drapery I made for the store. I was so inspired, it just threw itself together
and she loved it. I'm so glad I made it innocently and didn't realize the politics of it
( all the people who she showed it too !) or I might have gotten self-conscious and uptight.
I'm so glad your spirit is good. Mine is too. More often than not. I'll look for your words.
Hugs 'n Love,

Hi Zelda and Kit

I have always felt that the urge to create/sew or whatever you do in the way of being creative is either therapy or the juices starting to flow. The urge to sew is not there when I am feeling down, or grinding to one of those depressing halts. I always feel good when I am transforming fabric into something useful or beautiful or something that will bring another person joy. Actually it is pretty good when I bring myself joy too, with something I have made for myself. I think it is a good sign. Keep it up.



Yes, Louise, creative efforts are wonderful when they don't have to be forced. They take a certain energy and I truly enjoy the process when the energy flows freely. I am certainly more grateful for those times now...I'm pretty much in a grateful mode about most of life at the moment. I thought of you and your double-wide bed on your camping vacation. Now that's creative!! Some just naturally know how to live the good life-- Good going!

Hi Zelda! I do love reading your posts. Talk about a distinctive voice! You have me totally beat in that department. I read many of your sentences twice just because I love how you put your words together. My emotional writing comes at its own will mostly and leaves me little choice but to say what it wants and, my everyday writing, lol, I can really struggle with...but I guess everyone can understand me most days, hopefully.

I would love to see the purse you made. I have been thinking in that direction, making a couple of bags for me and one of my sisters. I'm so glad you have lots of work in that will bring in some much needed dollars, but please take care. I know what those long hours of using your talents to make a living can do to a body. Please rest when you can.

I'm glad you are having mostly better days. Those ups and downs, I have them, too. The downs can be a bit brutal, but like you I don't let them visit for long.

Thanks for thinking of me and don't ever fear of giving me a shout. I would have taken that very warmly. My quiet spell seems to have broken. I had settled into it so fully I think I may miss it terribly.