Water Balloon


I didn't know where to put this. Either here or the pregnancy forum. Forgive me if a thread like this one already exists. If it does, would you please direct me to where that is?

I have this constant feeling like there is a water balloon in my vagina. Its the cyctocele I'm sure.

My question is: Any of you ladies experienced this before? I'm 4m postpartum. I'm optimistic this will get better and at the same time I don't think its realistic to keep my hopes up too high. Please share with me what you do in a situation like this. Did it improve for you? My cystocele is a grade 4. Not good.


that's what my cystocele feels like from time to time
optimism is a good thing, I think. and so is a realistic set of expectations.

you asked 'Please share with me what you do in a situation like this'.

exercises from the book/dvd
wholesome, healthy diet
positive outlook, etc

others have added all sorts of things, from acupuncture to chinese herbs, PT, biofeedback, etc etc

my cystocele did improve, and then I had another baby. did not get worse initially, now its not so great, but I know I've been slacking in the exercise dept and carrying the baby around isn't helping either. I'm optimistic that it will improve when I start making the time to exercise regularly, and at the same time I am realistic. my vagina will probably never look like it did before I had kids. I will probably always have a prolapse. my goal is to minimize the symptoms and live happily ever after : )