Exercise That Does Not Put Pressure on Pelvic Area


I am 55, 20 lbs overweight with prolapse and a large cystocele. My female GP diagnosed it --although I pretty much knew what it was when I went to see her. She is sending me to a Gyn I am trying to do conservative things to make it (the cystocele) better or not get worse. One of them is to lose weight, which really can only be done with diet and exercise. Trouble is that I cant do a lot of walking, dancing, jogging right now because of the cystocele. I know sit up type excercises are not good. Would riding a bike and lifting weights while lying down be OK? I don't have access to a swimming pool.

Once you are in the posture and have been for a while you will be able to do any exercise you like. I remember walking was a pain when i started with this prolapse thing. It was 'peeking' and uncomfortable...

Now - I have been in posture for about 2yrs and it is not a problem at all...

If you want to lose weight i would say to eat less processed and fatty foods - Never count calories. Eat when your body asks you for fuel - That is what food is = fuel. When you are hungry - EAT when you are full - Stop...

Sounds mad but it really does work :) And once you have stabilized your prolapse with posture you will be able to do almost anything you want :) (Dunno about skydiving as I am scared of that cos of the landing - lolllll)


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