anal fissure and rectocele


Does a rectocele cause any pain, or could one put pressure on a fissure or hemorroid to make them hurt worse? I have a rectocele, a anal fissure, and hemorroids, The Dr. said the hemorroids are small, and need nothing done, they are internal, and just found out about the fissure. Doing all to keep bm's soft, lots of fluids, fibre, and citrecel, but the pain is always constant. I have no life, very depressed, I am seeing a colon rectal surgeon in 10 days for a second opinion. Somtimes, my rectocele looks so small, I can hardly see it, other times, it looks rather large. It never bulges out, but can they puy pressure on other things? Have had all the tests done, so I know everything else is OK, but I can't explain the pain. Could a fissure cause pain farther up in the rectum, or could the rectocele? Any help or thoughts are appreciated!

I would think the fissure is causing the pain.
It is a wound and wounds hurt!
The pain would and could spriral in all kinds of directions just like a neck ache can go to the back and the head and to the legs...everywhere.
I have a rectocele and I do not experience pain...just pressure when I get past my daily BM and skip a day! I am miserable feeling and I know how literally crappy that is but never pain. I also have hemorroids but they are small and only get irritated if I get constipated and even then they are really barely noticeable.

I have seen other women write that they feel back pain and tailbone pain but it seems to come and go...

I would make sure you do not get constipated and calm down about it all. Sounds like good advice huh? Yes you can call me names for saying that!! :))
But honestly, take lots of really nice calming warm baths (treat that area special...!) Unless you are not supposed to? But if it is okay, I would try pure lavender and soak. Give yourself a break. You deserve it and understand that you need to heal from this right? You need to HEAL so let yourself be healing to you okay?
I understand how worrisome it must be to have a fissure--I know it must worry you but you have to be the one that treats yourself well and heals yourself...and I think you can do more for you than any dr!

I hope the very best for you!!!