Having some hemorroids banded. Has anyone had this done. I am so scared. Is the pain really bad. Please any advice would help. Does having a rectocel cause burning and pain? I also just found out I have one, and not sure if pain is from hemorroids or rectocele.

Burning and pain is most likely the hemorroids. I have them even though I did have a very simple surgery for them after my first child about 21 years ago. Mine are not bad and do not bother me at this time. I have a rectocele. I don't have any pain related to it at all since coming here and quitting PT--it worsened my symptoms.
As long as I do not strain with BM'S I am fine.
I would think after the hemorroids are treated you should feel better and the burning and pain and itching will disappear as long as you take care of yourself and do not strain and do not allow yourself to become constipated any longer.
Good Luck!--I would make sure they know about the rectocele and that you expect them to be very careful because of that. Take good care of yourself!