Introducing myself


Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and so glad I found you all!! I recently learned I have uterine prolapse and resulting stress urinary incontinence. My GYN, who I actually like & respect a lot (although not on this issue), referred me to a urologist to get a complete dx. She thinks I may have urinary sphincter issues too. When she discussed hysterectomy & a bladder sling as treatment I almost passed out! Here I was going in, thinking maybe I needed to up my kegals. After the initial shock, panic, & depression wore off I started researching. Motheringdotcom lead me here. I have already ordered Christine's book & video and am doing the exercises daily.

Given my history, I am not too surprised about the prolapse. I have had four beautiful and very large babies in seven years. My last birth was shoulder distocia and very traumatic. My mother also had uterine prolapse and a hysterectomy, if there is any validity to the genetic link.

I have a few questions, but I'll wait until I finish the book to see if I can sort them out first.

So glad to meet you all!

Glad you found us! :)