I choose to keep my body intact


I am only 36. Not ready to give up any part of my body without a damn good fight. I found this sight just less than 3 weeks ago, after being diagnosed with uterine prolapse as well as cystocele. Initially I was horrified. Today, I feel like I will take control.
Today is my beautiful son's 3rd Birthday! Each birthday I pull out my pregnancy and birth journal and read through, revisiting my birth experience. I just finished, and am reminded of how incredible our female bodies are. I am so greatful to have experienced this.
Just as I finished reading, the Post Man arrived with my Whole Woman book and CD!
Could it be a coincidence? I will take it as a sign.
I choose to believe that I am making the right descision. I have made my GYN aware that I am not interested in discussing the Hysterectomy any further. She agrees that it is not a descision to be made lightly.
We will meet in a few months to see how I am managing. I am fortunate to have my choice of Doctor that I feel comfortable with.
Well, off I go! I have a birthday party to enjoy, and a great book waiting for me once my son is tuckered out!
Wish me luck,

You have come to a very encouraging website. There is so much information here. But you have the best in your hands--Christine's book. After reading that you will be able to make more informed decisions about your body and your life. Keep coming back for more encouragement and information!