A number of exercises are demonstrated/mentioned in Christine's book and videos. Some work better for me than others. Would forum users please share which ones are most effective for them on a daily basis in keeping the bladder in place?

Hi librarian - if you find that some exercises are more effective than others, then do what works best for you. Definitely learn fire-breathing! And remember that it's all about the posture......it's not what you do, but how you do it. Here's my response when you asked about exercise before:


What works best for you? Maybe you can start by sharing your own experience. - Surviving

You'll laugh when I tell you what works best for me. I use an electric toothbrush, lean over the sink while bracing with one arm, and then inhale/exhale repeatedly on each section of my mouth as I move the toothbrush around. Three times daily. (Doing "fire breathing" as described in the updated edition of your book is not good on my back.)

My concern right now is that you have never mentioned posture, which is the foundation of this work. Any exercises are mainly to strengthen the body to hold and carry yourself with the pelvic organs held forward in the lower belly, over the pubic bones and away from the outlet at the back. This is how prolapse is managed, not by an exercise move that you do three times a day. And you might want to update your library of WW resources and get some new ideas. If you are receiving the emails you know that there is a big sale on right now, which has been extended for about another 15 hours as I write this. - Surviving

Thanks, your articles/videos have made me very aware of the importance of posture, and I am daily working on the Whole Woman recommendation as well as keeping my head in line with my back. It's a challenge.

I'm not picking on you, but I'm guessing you're still a newbie who has yet to really delve into the principles (keeping head in line with back, is not a way I've ever heard WW posture described, and it's unclear to me what you actually mean by that). If you're looking for hints and quickie ideas, that's really not what we are about here.....it's a full-on lifestyle change. Keep studying and please try to relate future posts to the specific concepts that we espouse here. That way we will be able to tell if you are really on the right track, and other readers won't be confused. If necessary, do another reading of the Forum guidelines (see link above left) because it is specifically Christine's work that we discuss here. - Surviving

Perhaps I should have said, "Keeping my head directly above my spine."
No, i do not feel like you were picking on me.
The tone is a bit patronizing, however.

I hope you continue to visit and read and learn from this site, especially if you're having symptoms... the whole point of this site is a supplement to Christine's work. I think your description of head directly above spine is a little confusing since it doesn't seem to be an instruction that I recall hearing - I think you mean: tuck your chin; and that IS a part of the posture.
None of this is an exercise program (and I for one am super happy about that since I suck at finding time to do the workouts). I would say 95% of this is posture and breathing. Exercise is there as a supplement. I have controlled my bladder prolapse using posture alone... some of the workouts actually made me feel like my prolapse was worse! in the very early days when I wasn't sure about the breathing and the principles behind all of this I tried some of the exercise routines and I swore that they made me feel more bulgy... but I was looking for a "fix" - I wanted to be proactive - to DO something! I didn't want to rely on just standing and walking and sitting a certain way! and yet - that is the answer. it's all the time we're vertical that makes this work. I don't think any exercise (whole woman or otherwise) are going to make your symptoms lessen... it's going about your day in posture, changing how you sit, walk, stand and breathe and even what clothes you wear... all of that + time is how you get this under control. Once you've got the principals down - you can do almost any exercise you want to do, and Christine's got great ones to choose from.

That is a really great answer, kind , sensitive and on the mark!

Thanks for your perspective!