Was just fitted with a pessary on Friday, 9/6. Size 5. Had to back to the doctor on Monday, 9/9 to get removed, not a good fit. My question is does it hurt really bad everytime the pessary is removed and should I try a smaller size, the next one is a 4. Ladies, those of you that have tried pessaries, please share your story with me. Many thanks.

Hi Blessedmom. Be sure to let us know how your appointment went. Pessaries are notoriously difficult to fit and do not always provide relief......and they can further aggravate prolapse (especially rectocele) because they hold the vagina open for the organs to encroach further into that space. But you may be luckier this time around. Can you possibly have your doctor teach you how to remove and replace it yourself? It is so much healthier if you can clean it regularly, as well as giving the tissues a breather from time to time. - Surviving

I had the size 4 put in and Ihave hurt all weekend. I don't know what is going on but I had difficulty peeing and I looked and see a bulge up in.the vagina. Should this be? Going to make an appt. and go back.

My prolapse is so big the doctor wants to do surgery. I am 70 years old and don't want that. Doctor said it was very unhealthy having my vaginal wall exposed.

Surgeons always recommend surgery. That is their bread and butter.

Very few women get long-term relief from a pessary, without the further aggravation that pessary use can cause. Since you are not a total newbie to this site, and according to older posts you have at least one DVD of Christine's, I am wondering if it wouldn't be better for you to pursue a more natural approach to managing your cystocele. If you visit our forum expressing problems with various pessaries, you shouldn't be surprised when we say, ditch the pessary! Go full out with posture, firebreathing, and all the other tools and tips available here. Other members are welcome to continue trying to trouble-shoot your pessary experience, but it doesn't seem to be going too well. I don't really have anything to add at this point, except to say, surgery is almost sure to make things worse. Wishing you well in your journey, wherever it takes you. - Surviving