I'm confused! Do I always draw air into my body through my nose? And always let air out through my mouth. Why?
Do I sometimes point my tail up away from my body? Or sometimes tuck it back under my body.
Could I do the Elder Prolapse video more than once a day/ Maybe 3 or 4 times a day? I wish I had seen this group of women sooner than I did. If I had started a couple of years ago my body would be so much better. Well, on the other hand, I am thankful we met when we did.

I think this should go under "posture" but it comes up under long-standing members Series. I don't know how to take care of this. Also, looks to me that i should Edit my post.

When doing the exercise, follow Christine's instructions. INHALE through your nose while expanding the lower belly (NOT the chest) and lifting the tailbone. EXHALE through pursed lips as you draw navel to spine (lower back is rounded, tailbone is tucked). This is the basis of the firebreathing exercise, which in the Elders video is done on hands and knees, I believe.

It doesn't matter how often you do the workout(s). The most important thing is that you are remaining in WW posture as much as you possibly can throughout your day. This does not mean that you walk around exhaling through your mouth! Just breathe naturally, in and out of the midriff. - Surviving

Thank you so much Surviving60. I haven't been a part of this group but it has been a great deal of help to me. When I do that exercise and I tuck tailbone in when I exhale, it seems as if the prolapse becomes worse. Maybe I am still doing it wrong.

Maybe. We have no way of knowing; all we can say is to follow Christine's instructions carefully, practice, have patience, and consider consulting Christine or another practitioner if you feel that you need more clarification. - Surviving

I started doing the "First Aid for Prolapse for Elders" every day since i bought it (oops, I missed one day) and kept my mind on keeping WW posture through the days. I walk at least 11/2 mile every day also. Then I purchased "the Whole Woman Solution to Urinary Incontinence" and I also have been doing that every day. I know this isn't a quick fix and I'll will need to do the workouts every day but I can tell a difference already. I know I need to be mindful of my posture but I was mindful of the prolapse so no difference there. I am so thankful that I found this website. What a blessing you are to women.