Kneeling Chairs


Hello everyone. I'm new here and happened to come across this forum while looking up the different ways people who sit for extended hours deal with persistent lower back pain issues.

I'd be happy for anyone to tell me their personal experience with a kneeling chair. I've been hearing all this buzz about them lately and not sure if it's all hype or if they can really help with lower back pain.

Your help is more than appreciated!

Hi Red Arrow - If you put "kneeling chair" into the search box above left, you will find many discussion threads on this topic. I've never used one and I haven't perused these threads, but I expect you will find discussions pertinent to how well members find they can hold the Whole Woman posture in these chairs. Probably fine as long as the chair isn't one that moves around too much. some reading for yourself. Start with the home page and learn about the principles we teach here.....first things first! - Surviving

Hello Surviving, thank you for your response. Yea, I found a couple of old threads on the topic and what's interesting is that the concept of kneeling chairs has been around for quite some time.

I also did some digging around on the topic and while studies into the issue report mixed findings (as per usual) the general consensus is that kneeling chairs can indeed help with lower back issues, especially among people who sit for extended hours at a time.

The trick, obviously, is in the angle, which minimises the pressure on the spinal disc. There are additional benefits that come with the chair, but it's not without its downsides either - prolonged use at a time (as with every other chair) is not recommended as it affects circulation and there is also the issue of restricted leg movement.

The overall takeaway is that no single chair is a panacea, though - as are standing desks and what-not. Guess there are many intangible benefits of working at Google then!

Here are some helpful references I found for anyone interested: