Menopause Maybe


I wanted to share a recent experience that I had last year, and especially the end of the year, my peri-menopausal symptoms seemed to be getting out of control again. I admit that part of it was a little backsliding with my diet and a return to some pretty serious constipation. My breasts hurt all the time, I bled heavily and spotted for several days afterwards, had serious side pain from ovulating, high anxiety, and constant hemorrhoids.

In January, I made an appointment with the OB/GYN. In I went to be poked and prodded, sold everything on the books that they could sell me. That part still amazes me!

What I walked away from it with: mammogram results negative; pap smear results negative; a shot in the arm for tetanus and whooping cough, and whatever else they could shove in that syringe! A prescription for anxiety pills which I never took; a tube of hydrocortizone cream for my hemorrhoids; an appointment for a colonoscopy which I changed to a mail in after some research; and appointment for a blood sugar test which I ignored; and a Bartholomew cyst on my cervix which she told me not to worry about.

Consequently, in the last couple of months, my breast pain has gone away, the weird hormonal anxiety seems alleviated, and I have missed a period for over two weeks; and I was getting them every 3 weeks like clockwork. Could be finally my relief into menopause? I am not holding my breath, but I am surely hopeful.

I also found that the hemorrhoids weren't so simple; it actually turned out to be an anal fissure, again after my own research. And, it has been slow to heal, but it is. Getting my diet under control and being more gentle down there has helped a lot!

My prolapse seems the same through all this, maybe a little more peeking of the cervix at times, but also the uterus seems to be moving up higher; at least I can't touch the fundus as much I used to be able to. We'll see.

Thanks AG for sharing these experiences. It's so important to hear each other's menopause stories because, whether it's similar or different from what we're expecting, we all get through it somehow. Maybe you really are through the worst part......I guess you will find that out sooner or later! And this is a good lesson for all of us (especially me!) of the importance of maintaining those good habits and practices that have served us well in the past but are easy to let slide. Hope you continue feeling better!! - Love, Surviving