Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia


I was wondering if anyone suffers from or has any experience of Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia?

I'm suffering from it and it is hugely frustrating - basically I get the urge to go, but when I actually try to have a bowel movement, the muscles don't coordinate properly (my bowel tries to push, whilst my bottom muscles tightly close).

It's a causing me to have constipation, and having to spend huge amounts of time on the toilet (about three stacks of magazines by the toilet to pass the time!). Straining doesn't help (you just push against your closed bottom) and when I do manage to go, I can only go a little and have an incomplete bowel movement.

Does anyone else suffer with this?

Christine discusses the significance of this diagnosis in the following blog article, which might be relevant for you. - Surviving

Thanks for the link Surviving60 - really helpful

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether you could recommend any part of Christine's work that would help with my Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia?

I'm getting very frustrated with the symptoms - I struggle to achieve a bowel movement unless I apply counter pressure to my sphincter with toilet roll and really push for ages. It's so bad that sometimes I have even tried putting vaseline around the opening. Then when I do finally go, it's only ever the first part of it, and the rest goes back up into my rectum (which I can't then re-start unless I leave the toilet and try again 30 or so minutes later)

Thanks for your help.

Do you follow the toileting practices described in the blog article linked above? And do you practice WW posture and practices as you go throughout your day? We could use a little background on that aspect of your routine. - Surviving