Hello I have been diagnosed with atrophy . I can’t and don’t wish to use prescribed remedies that contain hormones etc and find that whatever I use in the way of moisturisation irritates . The only thing that seems to give me any relief and comfort is the honey and acv. The only trouble is that it frequently gives me a fungal infection . Something like jock itch . The acv helps but doesn’t seem to do much until I cease using the honey which I have to do until the infection clears up but not long after I go back on the honey it seems to start all over again . This has gone on now for quite a long time and I don’t really know what to do about it . I wondered if anyone could come up with a suggestion .

Hi Pauline,

Every woman who is naturally postmenopausal has an atrophic genitourinary system. This means the base of the bladder, urethra, and lower 1/3 of the vagina are no longer supported by estradiol and have returned to their pre-pubescent size and architecture. However, the tissues are much more fragile and inelastic in older women. This should come as no surprise since children are on the opposite side of life!

I would like to share a January 2019 quote from the peer-reviewed journal, Climacteric, to try to help you see the true medical perspective on the older woman.

“In the first 5-6 years following the menopause, dyspareunia [pain with sex] parallels vaginal dryness, declining thereafter, in association with withdrawal from intimate relationships. The loss of an intimate relationship has a negative impact on the relationship with the partner, and negatively influences family relationships, reduces a woman’s self-esteem, and contributes to decreased quality of life. The negative impact on sexuality and quality of life exerted by vaginal atrophy assumes greater importance when considering the high prevalence of the DISEASE.”

I understand, Paula, that you are not interested in hormones, but I need to mention a couple of things in general terms if I may. Menopause is not a disease and women are often happier and healthier in these years than ever before. Many husbands (whose penises and testes have also shrunken) begin to expand their consciousness at this time. My husband and I have never been more intimate, which means close, loving, and kind, than in these years after the flower has closed. There is no substance or procedure whatsoever that will reverse the architecture, and to a lesser extent, the lubrication, etc., of the vagina except estradiol. However, estradiol will also stimulate the endometrium, breasts and other tissues. It has only been recently discovered that women on estrogen supplementation have an increased prevalence of malignant melanoma. It is no exaggeration to say we are fodder for a depraved and corrupt system that has no clue how to bring women back to health.

Okay :-) now on to your concerns. Honey is acting as a prebiotic to call in the friendly bacteria from our own environment. It is not going to change the architecture of the genitourinary system, but rather increase the health, comfort and lubrication of those tissues. It is not the honey that does this, but rather the end-products of lactobacillus metabolism - which include several acids like acetic acid (vinegar) and hydrogen peroxide.

It is true that honey and vinegar are nature’s best medicine for the postmenopausal vagina. First of all, are you using very good honey? By law in the US, honey can be marketed as pure and natural, but contain a high percentage of corn syrup. We know our beekeepers and buy seasonal honey every year.

You may be reacting to the apple cider vinegar. Have you tried food-grade white vinegar? That may make the difference. Try experimenting with sea salt water to see if you can balance things more.

Restoring life to the vagina is a sort of alchemy. When we are in our reproductive years, the outer layer of glycogen-rich cells sloughs off the vaginal walls every four hours! There is no way we can conveniently mimic this biology. I use honey every 24 hours, and by that time I am already feeling the effects of changing pH and the resulting change in microbiota. It is fine though, as I easily restore comfort on a daily basis.

When women understand how important it is to stop complaining that their latest trip to the urologist or gynecologist only made things worse, and start taking responsibility for their own health and comfort, they will begin to change the world.


Thankyou so much Christine for your explanation . Do I use salt water instead of the vinegar or as well as ? I do understand that it all takes time and testing to figure it all out . Yes I’m using a good Lincolnshire natural honey from someone who has there own hives . I wouldn’t use any from a supermarket . I have been inserting the honey just once in a morning and I’m comfortable all day . I use the acv twice per day and wondering if that could be too much . Trial and error I suppose . I find the honey so comforting . It stops all the itching and it’s so upsetting when after a short while I find the itchy spots arrive . Anyway i will see how things go and would be grateful if you can instruct about the salt water . Thanks again

Hi Pauline,

The saltwater is just an idea, as sea water is very soothing to tissues. I have never used this, but it seems to me if you are still having itching it may help. The salinity of ocean water is an approximate ratio of 1 1/2 tsp sea salt to 1 cup water. If you aren’t in the States, you’ll need to do the conversion. Do look into white vinegar though, as I think some women react a bit to acv.

I know it takes effort, but how wonderful that we get to live so long after our reproductive years!

:-) Christine

Thankyou Christine . I am going to have to experiment aren’t I . Maybe the saltwater may help with it . Anyway I will carry on with the honey and if or when the infection returns again I will give your suggestions a try . Maybe it’s just a case of finding the correct consistency . At the minute I have been using half vinegar half water but it’s maybe not strong enough to keep the infection away Thanks again Christine

This is a wonderful. Thank you so much. After my husband passed an childhood school family friend called to have lunch. And called for dinner when he was in town. that was four years and when he first put he arms around me, kissed me I felt actually a feeling of being of life being spreading in my body. We have a more intimate relationship than I never had with my husband. amazing! but the prolapse is my problem. No problem with vagina atrophy, thank goodness.