Fire Breathing vs Jiggling


Hello -

I've been having a set back that has lasted weeks, maybe even a few months. I never had to do a much fire breathing before, but would find myself sticking my bum in the air and jiggling until I felt the organs fall into place.

My question is, does fire breathing and jiggling accomplish the same result as far as getting the organs back in place? Is one more effective than the other? The jiggling does not seem to help much anymore.

Some of you that have been doing this for awhile, I'd like to know how many times during the day you do fire breathing and for how long each time.


Hi Marric,
Jiggling is important for me having a severe uterine prolapse, to get my uterus into a better position for firebreathing. When my uterus was all squished into my vagina, the firebreathing wasn't as effective, but jiggling it into better positioning really helped me accomplish the firebreathing more successfully.
Jiggling was never meant to be an either or, but something one of our members came up with to help in conjunction with the firebreathing. When I was at my worst, jiggling and firebreathing several times a day really helped in getting my pelvic organs moving in the right direction.

I agree with aging - it's both. But most important, apart from all the additional tools, it's posture.
Have you been looking at your posture? I keep to this day tweaking bits and then a few months later I tweak other bits. my head position is a constant work in progress, my head keeps wanting to jut forward. my breathing grrrrrr it's great and then i'm busy doing something and I have to stop and think - wait - diaphragm! not chest!
the firebreathing and the jiggling - nauli - the stretches and workout - they're all additional tools to supplement the posture.
I personally firebreathe most mornings - maybe a minute or so? then after bowel movements, sometimes again at night in the shower. I jiggle after bm (before doing a few fire breaths)
nauli i was doing mornings but I've stopped now since I really do feel like i'm having cycles without actual bleeding yet so I don't want to do it unknowingly on days when I shouldn't. (i used to have very light periods (like 1-2 days of light bleeding) pre kids. Now I've got some ovulation pains, some cramping, some dischargy days - no blood yet. still breastfeeding and am 1 year pp).
I think those with more symptomatic prolapses would say they firebreathe for longer, or more times throughout the day...i know I used to back when my prolapse was feeling very evident. I think you're going to have experiment a bit to see what works best for you....

Typicalme -

Although I don't maintain it perfectly 100% of the time, I do spend most of my day being conscious of WW posture, whether sitting at my desk at work, moving around the house, or going for my evening walk. So I get that the posture is the most important element of this work. But when moving around in posture but still feeling the bulge flopping around down there, it doesn't seem like the posture is doing much, even though I know this work is not an overnight solution. I would like to be able to get my organs to stay up for more than a few seconds at t time.

Thank you for your feedback - it's been helpful. I realize that I am going to have to continue to tweak things as I go along. I understand that it is a work in progress.