Best Chair to support POP


Hello, I am wondering if anybody has advice for the best type of chair to use at work to support POP. I am a teacher and I work woth grades 2-3 kids. I am sitting and standing and squatting all day. I feel the broken chair I had before was casuing more issues so want to make sure I get the best possible chair for my bladder, urethra and uterine prolapse.thanks so much for your advice!


Hi Dzmortz7 - chairs,
In general a straight backed chair, with the seat flat so that the chair is a 90% angle.
Your knees when seated are not higher than the hips, and feet comfortably on the floor with all of their soles touching it. If it is a hard seat you can put an even width chair pad on it as long as the criteria above is not put out of kilter.

When I started to strengthen my torso, I did roll up a jacket or whatever was available and place it behind my back to help keep my redeveloping lumbar curve developing and as a reminder how to sit and also relax into when fatigued.
Eventually you will find that your torso doesn't need any support and now I feel so much natural strength.
I have worked with little ones and with everything on a small scale, if I needed to lean over a table I put my back into the lumbar curve, hinging from the hips.
If I squatted it was in WW posture on my toes and after a while it is so strengthening, developing balance and foot strength.
I know there are different kinds of chairs available and maybe someone else has experience with them, but as long as you can sit in WWp as above, with the desk high enough as well, that is the criteria to work from for any chair...

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you so much Aussie Soul Sister. I will look for a chair that fits that criteria. I bought the ww posture video to learn the standing posture but have not found a video about what I should look like when squatting and how to squat in WW posture. Can you direct me to that, by any chance?! Thank you!

This isn't a real easy position for many of us, because it is hard to maintain the lumbar curvature, at least until you have built up plenty of strength. If you are talking mainly about will find this in First Aid for Prolapse and also on the forum. Here is one good thread with pictures - check it out. - Surviving

I squat by staying up on my toes. This keeps the lumbar curve in place and protects the organs from being pushed backwards.
That’s the way Christine does it on Yoga First wheel.

Hi Dsmortz7, yes you do need a bit of strength and balance which builds up gradually to do the squatting on toes for any length of time.
I practice it at home - up on toes when accessing low cupboards/ drawers usually with bare feet, and love Christine's foot exercises!
I used to do it when working in disability before Whole Woman when two of us were changing adults who were on a standing walker.I thought it better than leaning sideways with legs splayed like others did, as that was hardly back friendly!

One of the disadvantages it that I tend to split the soles of my shoes after a while, and comfortable clothing is an advantage also. I also wear through the top of the shoes with my big toes, so I wear wide school shoes most of the time and my toes still wear the inside, but not right through, and I discovered lately that my soles are split, probably for years, so time to get another pair...!! I can squat in school shoes....would love some minimalist shoes...

Getting down to young children's level can be challenging, however thinking about this since you posted, you could also take around a small cushion and kneel on it making sure no-one trips over your legs/ feet.... I just also thought you could carry around a small stool but to lean forward from it as it will be the height to suit you, you would need to widen your knees and hinge from the hips making sure your chin is slightly tucked..if you can wear longer skirts or loose trousers you could get away with that. ...You will work out a way to think outside the conventional approach box... something that WW has taught me to do over the years.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister