3 weeks in WW posture - things get worse


Hello, I would like to ask you for a help. I am in WW posture for 3 weeks, I try to do it correctly based on video, but I feel worse...I try to be more active, walk for 8 kilometers per day in posture with the stroller, do firebreathing (still I am not good at it) and nauli. Unfortunately, I have pain in chest spine (because of chest lift when I am in posture, all my live I was hunch in spine. My cystocele is visiable from laying position at the moment, before 1 week it was not. Hm, not good start, do you have some advice for me (less active, big pain in chest spine is OK,worse symptoms, more rest)? Thank you very much....

Hi Belly - 3 weeks is not a long time, and many of us did not start to see changes at that point. There is no way for us to know if you are doing things correctly. Are you able to keep your belly relaxed? That is often the hardest part at the start; but if you aren't doing that consistently, then the organs can't move into that belly and out of the vaginal space. You need a lifted chest AND a relaxed belly.

Quality rest is important, of course, but resting more and being less active is not the answer here. What we do when we are on our feet is what counts. Walking with a stroller can be a problem unless you have made the necessary adjustments so that you are not leaning into the stroller. Can you do some of your walking without the stroller, or is this the only way that you can get out for a walk? If so, follow Christine's examples the best you can.

For many of us (myself included) there was a point where everything started to "click". And it certainly was not that soon. I too felt like walking made my symptoms worse at the start, but I just kept concentrating on the posture elements.

If after awhile you still don't feel that you are progressing, that's why we have practitioners. You can arrange for a Skype session if you don't live near enough to see one in person. Best of luck to you! - Surviving

Hi Surviving60, Thank you very much for your promt feedback..Yes, relax belly is problem for me, I still repeat the posture in my head..Is it necessary to have lifted chest strongly when I have pain in my spine in check area? I have followed Christine´s example of walking with the stroller very well. I have also question about sitting at home - Is it necessary to sit on the floor with legs overlappedor or can I also used chair (sit on the edge of a chair)? And is it better to try to keep lumbar curvature when I sleep? I do not expect an improvement in few weeks but I am stressed that it gets worse...

Hi Belly - I don't know what to say about your back pain. Many of our members reported some soreness when they first started with the posture and exercises.....the kind you get when you are starting to use muscles you haven't been using much. In some cases they may have been pushing things too hard. As for me, I started WW posture at age 60 after a lifetime of terrible posture, and I did not experience any of this.

It sounds like you are describing a worse kind of pain. Do you have any other medical conditions that you haven't mentioned? I'm hesitant to give advice here, but if you are of normal health and it causes you pain to lift your chest and stand up tall, this may be what you need to work on. Try lying on the floor with a cushion under your lower spine, and really stretch out, with your arms over your head and shoulders down. The baton is great for this, if you have one.

There are several positions for floor-sitting and lots of discussion on the forum about chairs. Aussie Soul Sis wrote a great post the other day:

It doesn't matter how you sleep, whatever is most comfortable will be fine. Lots of discussions about that on the forum too. Be sure to utilize the search feature. - Surviving

Hi, yes you are right I need to work on my posture and muscles. I have no other medical conditions, but all my live I have terrible posture :-(...And I think that the cystocela is also caused due to two operations of placenta in my uterus after childbirth. Thank you for your advice...