Rectocele toileting


I have seen the toileting video but I am unsure of the angle and whether it would get all the poop out of the rectocele so that nothing is left in there. Any other rectocele people have toileting advice? Currently I use a squatty potty but on troublesome days I have to do a real squat down to get it out otherwise it pools in the rectocele

I just dont see how everything would work the way Christine shows, seems like it would be hard to relax the bottom muscles? I have tried it peeing but that is a different thing than when poop is coming out

I would try it without the squatty potty for awhile, as I don't think this is helping. You can read what Christine has to say here:

I can only suggest that you start with a bit of jiggling and firebreathing to get the organs as far forward as possible, then proceed using Christine's instructions. I have rectocele and I'm very familiar with the feeling of incomplete emptying, though this has improved greatly over my years of using the posture. I know you have more issues than I do, but I feel that if you do what I've suggested, coupled with a little gentle splinting at times, you should be OK, or at least much improved. - Surviving

Also, here is a post about LoPo:

Many of our ladies have come to love this position throughout the years. You can also type it in the search to find more discussion about it.
I'd also like to say that these things don't come right away, but over time working on posture, diet, and toileting. The posture work actually pulls the rectum toward the lower belly, straightening it so evacuation is easier over time.
Time and patience is the key here,

I think we have talked about pooping more than anything else on this forum. If you type some key words into the search, you will find many interesting discussions on the subject.
If you are still having trouble, especially with the stitches and such that you have described in your previous posts, it may be time to take our suggestion and have a consult with Christine.

I don't have stitches right now, I have a scar from a stitch from a second degree tear. this scar prevents my hubby and I from intercourse. my pt is doing some stretching of it and stuff so I am confident we will be able to start, plus she gave me some helpful info to help relax before penetration, to keep my muscles from tightening up.

So I read the link and I have done searchs it's just so overwhelming to weed through it all. I left a voice message for Lanny but until then I just need as much advice as I can get, I didn't see anywhere that it says christine also has a rectocele so I feel it's hard for a non rectocele person to fully understand it's obstacles.

Usually when I go to the bathroom I sit on the toilet and lean onto my knees, this was fine until I got stuffed up from a diet mistake and then i had to squat to get it out. without magnesium by body tries to poop twice a day and while the first one comes out in the morning the poop feeling is still there and the second one in the afternoon wont come out, it instead pushes on my rectocele. I feel that the squatting may have compromised me and maybe contributed to the rectocele getting worse problem after reading that link. I had stopped taking the magnesium thinking that the end of my stool was too loose because I started getting little bits of poop left in there. But not taking it was a bigger mistake than anything because a full size poop pushed into my prolapse and there was no way to get it out, no toilet or squatting I just had to deal with that pressure and I fear it stretched my prolapse out.

Now I am willing to try anything but I think that I need to keep having BMs in the morning. I have a good diet and magnesium at night helped where as my diet, while does make me poop regularly, wasn't giving me enough pressure to come out.

With the toileting, I have been squatting a lot lately - mostly due to trying prune juice to get the constipation out of me (i don't know what else to call it, but I don't think this is true constipation) but the prune juice aggravated my colon and gave me diarrhea. So i'm all a mess it's true. I just want to live a normal life and it seems my life keeps going downhill in this matter. anyways so my poop right now is runnier than normal so the fear is it doesn't completely empty.

I am a short person and the toilets in my house are 1. slightly too tall so that my feet do not firmly touch the ground and the 2 toilet I think is almost a 90 degree angle when I sit on it. If I try on toilet number two to do the posture I feel I am to high up and forward and that my bum wont be able to relax enough. toilet 2 was the one I normally used only I leaned forward with my elbows on my knees, with or without the squatty potty I did it the same just with the potty my knees were a few inches higher. Now with toilet 1 that is slightly higher I am definately leaning too far forward in order to get my butt off the seat. So I could put the squatty potty there to step on but then it seems again i wont be able to relax to poop, my belly or my bum. So i'm at a loss

I have fear in my every morning and now every afternoon incase there is some little bit left. I have an appt with my OB and a referral to GI was made for me (I use the Veterans Hospital in ABQ) a nurse I talked to over the phone told me she had the surgery, she seemed to suggest it stating you need a good surgeon and that their team there specializes in this so the thought did cross my mind. surgery when i am done breast feeding (because i hear prolapse symptoms can improve when you are done breast feeding) and then I do excercise to maintain and prevent. I know everyone says no surgery but I feel like my life is controlled by my prolapse.

I would also like to know about the prolapse pressure on the perineum. I recently read about the perineum decending, how likely is that to happen?

does it ever stop pooching out when you poop? or stop pressuring the perineum during pooping?

do you ever stop noticing it? I stopped noticing mine for 7 months unless I was leaning over, but now i notice it, all day I feel it, does anyone that is greater than a 1 rectocele stop feeling it? what about people that have 3's or 4's?

Did I read that correctly, you are in Albuquerque? Christine has followers all over the world. You have no idea how fortunate you are to have her in your own backyard. An in-person consult in her studio would be a much better investment of your time and money, than anything that the VA has to offer. The medical profession gets a failing grade when it comes to female pelvic health. - Surviving

We are not here to defend Christine's work, only to direct you to and make you aware of some of your options. This forum has a treasure trove of rectocele posts to look at and study. Also, the women that have been coming here for years and have taken advantage of what they have learned here are managing and reversing their prolapses by trusting in what they have read.

It is entirely up to you to do your own studying and work if whole woman is something you believe in. The only reason we keep suggesting a consult is that you do seem to have other issues and you seem to need the reassurances we can't give you.

You can talk about poop all day. In fact, we have many posts that have been as descriptive if not more descriptive than yours, but at some point you have to actually try something rather than continue to doubt the information made available and make up excuses why you can't do it.
We are each responsible for our own successes.

I did see this post last week about lopo, and I did try it. It just feels so silly but it was nice relaxing against a stool, I just couldn't relax enough and the bending more forward seems to work better. I was a bit shy of trying it because a few posts about it said they didn't have complete emptying so I think the fear of rectocele symptoms (after having that upset last week this is the first time I have had fear like that, a little with traveling but last week I was so fearful) was causing me to tighten up. My PT actually gave me some comfort about the situation so now that I am more relaxed about it I will try this position again. She also led me to realize something I was doing diet wise that I had stopped doing, I haven't been getting as much sleep due to hungry infant so I stopped eating my nightly desert of fruit and yogurt, which happened at the same time I ate too much spinach and fat together causing all my troubles, when I am that overly tired I don't want to eat. But we have been working on getting more food into my little ones tummy during the day so that he sleeps more at night and it's working, that's improving greatly. And I did my yogurt and fruit desert last night. Today has been much much better.

Yes, a one on one consult is much better than over the phone. I agree the VA can be a pain, I have had many troubles with them, oh goodness so many stories! For another time though. I do have to say that they have helped me out a ton though too, I had to stop working during my pregnancy and then my job let me go because I needed more medical leave (wasn't able to walk for a bit still after giving birth and they weren't satisfied with my medical paperwork and it was taking too long for the doctor to fill it out correctly, what a mess right?) so right now we are a one income family. The VA helped us afford medical bills and sent me to other facilities for treatments that the VA cannot provide.

You are totally right about the medical profession, no one knows anything about prolapses. I have to fully and completely explain it to people, thankfully I haven't had to draw any pictures but at this point I might just do that and carry it around with me lol.

So glad you are finding solutions; listening to our bodies is a very important part in getting control over prolapse. Just remember that it does take constant vigilance with toileting posture, diet, and most importantly, postural work. Throw in some jiggling and firebreathing also, these are some of the best tools to success.
When I first started this work, I had years of constipation behind me,and a heavy uterus resting on the back of my vaginal wall putting a huge amount of pressure on my rectum. I didn't have a rectocle, but a softening to the back because of the severity of my uterine prolapse. My go to toileting routine started with some jiggling and firebreathing, and then a half squat hover above the toilet. As I felt the bm coming down I would slowly lower to the toilet into the toileting posture Christine describes.
I worked hard on my exercise, diet, toileting routine, and posture. It took me almost a year to finally get that nice smooth bowel movement that I have heard other people have. It was such a relief! And I credit whole woman for my success.
So keep listening to your body and adapt these other concepts to your lifestyle the best you can, because the rewards are really worth the effort.