Tilted uterus


HI all,
Hoping someone can offer some insight. At my yearly well woman exam, I was told that my uterus is heavy, although it is quite normal after having 2 children. She said that the uterus is tilted to the back, which is also very common and not in itself a problem. She said it's pushing on my rectum though, which is causing my rectocele woes. I'm wondering if the whole woman posture can even help that sort of a situation. The posture has helped me in other ways, but none related to the rectocele. If the goal is to move the organs forward, that won't happen with a tilted uterus, because it's going the wrong way? Or, does this posture work to flip it forward?

Someone else more knowledgeable about uterine prolapse (like A.G.) may need to clarify this, but in my understanding, "tilted uterus" is just a medical euphemism for one that is slightly prolapsed. The more you get everything to move forward and stay there (and of course this takes time), the better off you'll be. Diligent attention to posture, lots of firebreathing, time and patience.... - Surviving

It's actually where the uterus is hanging out the other way, and about 20 percent of us are born this way. So, instead of as the diagrams show, the uterus is not on top of the bladder, but rather leans toward the rectum. My mother also has a uterus that is aligned like this, so it may be hereditary.

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Also I'd suggest using the search function, as there are many many discussion threads about "tilted" or retroverted uterus. - Surviving