used honey, now have white discharge.


I started using the honey for my vaginal dryness and now I have this white discharge, I think I have a yeast infection. What a mess!

Christine explaining honey and yeast:

There is much discussion about honey on here, so please read around about the subject, and Christine also has videos on vaginal health that may be helpful.
By the way, I get a white discharge all the time, but I know it isn't a yeast infection. I used to get yeast infections all the time when I was younger, and it was really itchy and foul smelling. I used to use yogurt or monostat for it, but the application of watered down vinegar and then honey that Christine suggests seems to help with most problems.

I don't have any apple cider vinegar, can I use distilled white vinegar watered down? I don't have any smell. Or is the white discharge a sloughing off, should I continue with the honey or stop. I don't know what to do, cause the vaginal dryness is frustrating and when I get to work I can't leave my desk every hour to go to the bathroom or I could get fired but sitting and standing for long periods of time makes me dryer, I know its partly because I am overweight and everything is rubbing but I want it to stop.

I really don't know if the distilled vinegar would be as effective. I would say, since you have only just started, to go get some apple cider vinegar and apply it alternately with the honey, but if you are only having discharge, use just the honey.
When I first started having prolapse symptoms, the discharge was more prevalent, but as I moved my organs more into place with the posture work, the discharge isn't as noticeable, and of course, there is no itch.
If you continue to have problems or need more in-depth answers, have a consult with Christine, or read more of her posts, because she is the expert in all this, especially honey.

Just a reminder that we never tell women what they should do to manage their own condition of vaginal dryness, but rather explain how the natural microbiology of the post-menopausal vagina is restored. It is up to each individual woman to use her best judgment, consult her physician, and experiment on her own.

Raw, local (real) honey and vinegar are the natural medicines for the post-menopausal condition, but not all women are going to be able to get proper results, simply because we all have different bodies, lifestyles, mentalities, and coping skills.

Here is my response:

Please use honey and vinegar at your own discretion, and only after seeking approval from your doctor.

The scientific literature clearly points to the fact that honey and vinegar are natural medicines for postmenopausal vaginal dryness.

The beneficial bacteria that are attracted to honey, and the acidic environment they produce, will usually keep candida at bay. Itching is a sign of candida overgrowth and can easily be resolved with a few squirts of half vinegar (white or ac) and half filtered water to the vulva. Some women use honey exclusively, while others need occasional or regular use of vinegar as well. Seasons, clothing, and other environmental factors also affect the vaginal ecosystem.

A small amount of non-malodorous white discharge is part of the honey/lactobacillus cycle, which most women do not find objectionable.

Discontinue if you are experiencing negative symptoms.

Thank you Christine for your input, I will try the honey with vinegar to see if I have improvement. I really want this to work cause I have tried OTC products and I had a doctor that prescribed that estrogen made from horse's urine. Not what I wanted to use but doctor did not have any other options. So sad for use women that want to use more natural ways.

I am wondering as I have had this cystocele/rectocele for about seven yrs. (diagnosed in 2004) but the last seven yrs. bothers me . Is it too late for these exercises. I do keigle exercises but one gyny doc. told me they don't work. BUT I am the woman who has written here also to Pauline 89 of my awful anal itching & burning but not every day, but it is terrible when I do get it. I have also tried honey application long time ago. So tired of all this. Now I have to see a "bowel" specialist as I have mentioned here before.My rectocele (specialist said) is only at Grade 1 level, cystocele, doesn't bother me too much. even though I can see it when I look. Us women put up with so much, don't we.

Hi Tangogirl,
I know you have been with us a long time, and have been dealing with these issues a long time too. We are not a medical site, so I don't know what other suggestions we could make for you. Read through your past posts to see if anything is helpful there.