NuStep Exercise Machine


Has anyone, with a prolapse, exercised on a NuStep?

We have a NuStep (purchased years ago for my father-in-law, for rehab; he lived in our detached studio, and we assisted him with his care for 12 years -- just a l little for about 6 years and then extensively the rest of the years).

He passed on at 96 in Oct 2013. I have used the NuStep, only about 4 times total, about 2 years ago … all prior to my prolapse Dx in Spring 2015. In the past I have preferred outdoor exercising, instead.

For years (in the Winter), I have considered using it. But, now, I’m not sure that I could use it and maintain WW posture. Maybe by doing the arms only exercises. But doing leg exercises and/or leg/arm simultaneously looks very problematic for me to keep in WW posture.

Any thoughts? Perhaps, we should sell the NuStep?

I looked at it. I'm really not one for these kinds of machines, but if you can do it in perfect whole woman posture as with everything, go for it. I have to say, that from viewing the videos, I didn't like the way they were sitting. Looks like they were leaning back too much to me. And, the lady said shoulder back when in posture, we need to have shoulders down, not back.

Getting the posture down is the first step, and then trying things afterwards to see if you can hold the posture during a certain activity is the true test to wether or not you should be engaging in it.

I saw a lot of jerkiness and pulling of the torso by the demonstrators ... but I think they were all trying to do the movements too fast.

And, yes, as I said and you said, the lower portion of the body is slanted backwards in the seat plus I think the knees are pushed up high. I would have to figure out some way to modify the sitting area. But, I really think that would be hard because of where the knees need to be positioned to work the pedals. This is touted as a premier machine/method for seniors and those with knee problems, back problems and heart issues (that's why we got it for his Dad. And he could do the movements well, just stick-to-it-ness was always his problem. Not unique :)

Maybe playing with the seat .... sliding it back farther away, might make the knees locate in a better position. And, as I said ... it might work well for exercising the arms (as they demo, with feet on the floor) ... it might be possible to get a good lumbar curve.

I might play with it someday .... or we might sell it. We do a lot of work around our property and walking/exercising our dogs (so we don't sit around much). Just wish the bladder would climb further north during my hikes/walks and during dog training. Oh well.

I watched this and it really made me cringe. The leg movements (whether fast or slow) seem to target the ab area in all the wrong ways, and certainly violate the principle of maintaining an acute body angle while exercising. I don't see how anyone could do this combination of moves with a good lumbar curvature in place. I think that your instincts are correct on's not for you. - Surviving

A big Thank You to Christine and you all for these forums - they are SUCH a help!
I am 74 and trying to strengthen my legs after a long illness. I have seen a little pedalling machine which you use while sitting on a chair and was wondering if it would be OK to use with my bladder prolapse.
The machine is called an Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser.
If anyone has used one or anything similar, I would be grateful to hear your comments.

Hi Aida - I don't much care for the look of this thing. You would have to hold your body in a very awkward obtuse angle while working the legs.....not unlike what you'd do on a recumbent bike (recall that Christine uses that as a specific example of what NOT to do). Maintaining lumbar curvature is always the important thing, and exertion at this body angle seems like it would place undue strain on the organs. - Surviving

Thank you so much for this - that's really good to know. Glad I didn't buy it then! So maybe if I could find something that I could use standing up would be better do you think?

If you are looking to strengthen the legs and manage your prolapse, lots of walking in Whole Woman posture is about the best thing you can do. In addition, any of Christine's workouts will help you achieve both objectives. - Surviving

Thank you so much for your help.

Hello guys. Which do you think is reasonable enough? To rent a Nustep or buy one from [link removed] What do you think?

Hi graceeyy,
I see you are new here, and are looking for an exercise machine? But, I am wondering if you have any questions about whole woman? Because, none of us really know what kind of exercise machine will work unless you know more about the whole woman posture itself.
Let us know a little about yourself.

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