Hi ladies


Hi ladies, I would be happy to hear from your experience please… I see a great improvement with the posture with both my symptoms and my d.r., yet I feel very embarrassed keeping the posture… in the street, or sitting with other women at a meeting and being so "strait" while all the others are not… and keeping the chest up – I really need your encouragement please :-) thank you!

Hi old and young mom,
I have sat in a rooms full of people and I sit in WWP and I do it for me.
I was told in a craft class to sit back and let the chair support my back to which I replied that I support my own back...
In time you will get over being embarrassed, just do it for you, you don't have to explain yourself or conform.
I gained the courage from doing WW to grow out the dye from my long hair and it took time but I held my head high and did it for me, even if I was nervous at times.
Next time you are in that situation imagine me and all the other ladies on this forum sitting in WWP with you in much the same situation, and you won't feel so alone as there are thousands of us doing it with you across the world!

If you look in the poetry forum I posted a thought/ poem a few years ago about the fact that we are not alone!

Let us know how you go,
Hope that this is encouraging,

All the best and much love from Aussie Soul Sister XO

That's wonderful :-) Really feels like getting a hug! XO

I have had plenty of comments on how good my posture is. I even notice sometimes, people correcting their own posture when they notice mine. The good WW posture makes me breathe better and feel better. It's our true normal, natural posture regardless of what others are doing. You may find people start trying to copy your posture! I love Aussie Soul Sister's comments too - thank you and good on you!

Hi laughLOVElive,
Thank you for your kind words and HOW WONDERFUL that you can see others correcting their posture! Good on you!
Much love,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you laughLOVElive!