Rectocele exercises


Any tips on the best exercises for rectocele? The symptom that bothers me most is incomplete bowel movements. Working on diet and posture but any moves from the video that are especially helpful? I have the fafp DVD. Danke!

Rectocele is such a common form of prolapse, I cannot recall any particular exercise move(s) to recommend over any others. Incomplete emptying can be an issue, but it does improve with time and the WW work. Others may have suggestions for what has helped them the most. - Surviving

Hi Militarymom, rectocele management is fundamentally helped by the posture.
After doing Whole woman for the last five years, it has become easy to tell when I haven't been in the posture enough as it is a continual tweak like keeping the car in the correct direction requiring constant attention and adjustment of the steering wheel. Like the posture, and driving, the adjustments can become innate and automatic.
As for exercises, the posture is exercise in itself. My torso in particular from learning to hold myself in my own strength, is increasing in strength. I am grateful and amazed as to how strong it is now as I live in the posture.
Walking helps the vulva - I found that the sagging underneath, which I could cup in the curve of my hand, disappeared after a few months in the posture.
I do get a warning of discomfort if I haven't been keeping the posture or sitting too long, and use fire - breathing and nauli to fix it.
The final part of the management of rectocele came when I recently adopted a starch based / low or no oil / no animal product ( except for the occasional dab of honey vaginally), diet. Basing meals, or increasing the amount of root vegetables like sweet potato, and potatoes, carrots, peas and having corn, legumes and other vegetables has made a huge difference to the ease of elimination.I hardly notice any stress and bulging in the area with better elimination. I feel as if I have the strategies for ultimate rectocele management now!

I did do the Save Your Hips DVD for a few months almost daily after about 18mths of just living in WW posture to help further heal my hip issues. I benefited in many ways doing this DVD with overall strength, better balance and very strong feet. I also love the other DVDs, however the posture is fundamental - I am mindful of it right now and appreciate Christine's unique approach for literally saving me!

I wish you well and let us know how you go,
Much love and many blessings,
Aussie Soul Sister

Reading your above reply to Militarymom sounds a lot like you are describing me. I am wondering tho if you still have your uterus? I do not and sometimes feel there is no real hope of improvement with my rectocele no matter what I do posture-wise. But your journey and work toward your own improvement gives me hope. And if you've had these improvements happen without a uterus, that would raise my hopes tremendously.

Dear Cecilly,
I sense that you feel alone in your journey with WW. I am glad that I gave you hope, and you can keep that hope growing.
You are not alone, there are thousands of women across the world like me doing this work alone in our corner of the world, however part of a collective of pioneer women paving change.

When I began with WW I had hip problems which I had no solution for - Christine brought out a new hips program which I used to resolve these issues completely over some months, trusting in her expertise to help me.

What I am attempting to tell you is that you have an opportunity to use Christine's post - hyst program for your benefit - you can go to the posture advice, and how to exercise and support your skeleton, like Aging suggests.

Let us know how you go and you will be able to encourage others here in your situation.

All the best,

Aussie Soul Sister

Thanks for your reply. I will consider Christine's post-hyst program. I am not tech savy. Is this something that, after being downloaded, can be burned to a CD DVR or something? I wish it was in a DVD format for the cost. I also have the baton, so I don't need that. I'm sure it is a very helpful program for someone like me. Thanks again.

Thank you for the advice. I have been living in we posture for 6 months. I have noticed improvements in back pain and discomfort. Fire breathing helps to reduce the bulge. The one thing that is really irritating to me is the incomplete evacuation. I am applying upward pressure to the perinium and still incomplete. Some days I have 5 or 6 trips to the bathroom, each time, I have something there. It really bugs me because these pieces are what give me the most discomfort. I can't leave them because it feels terrible:(. I have tried magnesium but still not getting it right. I'm thinking the next step is to really adjust my diet. I am scared I will have s recital prolapse from all the bms. It sounds like plant based diet is the best. Am I on the right track here?

Hi Militarymom1,
There really isn't a one size fits all kind of diet out there, because what works for me may not work for you. I have found through trial and error which foods constipate me more and which don't; sometimes a combination of these foods work best. Although I eat a mostly plant based diet, I can still find foods that constipate me, so I balance them with the more roughage type foods.
You can also do some search here on the forum, because our ladies have many other ideas that have worked for them throughout the years that may be helpful for you.

I too am hesitant to give diet advice. My family follows an autoimmune protocol which has had several unintended fringe benefits, such as weight loss and digestive improvements. What I will say about the incomplete evacuation is this (because i too have rectocele): I notice this type of problem more when I graze and snack throughout the day. If I stick to mealtimes, allowing my system to process one meal at a time and giving it a rest in between, this all-day-long thing isn't nearly so much of an issue. - Surviving

I have been dealing with a rectocele for several years. Like many other women, constipation is my major issue. I have been praying and asking God for wisdom and guidance as I truly don't want to have any type of surgery for this issue. He led me to this forum where I have had the privilege to read several stories and testimonies which have given me encouragement and inspiration. I often read someone speak of "posture" and "exercises" to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. Where can I locate that information?

Avoiding surgery is simply a matter of saying "no", which is easy to do once you understand that there is no surgical cure for prolapse. The procedures have a high failure rate and cause more problems than they solve. If you have your uterus and have had no other repairs, then you still have within you the basic elements of pelvic organ support, you just need to learn how to use them. You can start by watching this:

Then come back with your questions and we can help you along. You do need to get your constipation under control as well. - Surviving

I have a severe rectocele. It's severe to me at any rate. Uterus, bladder, rectum everything in my now prolapsed floor is misplaced. I do not strain. Psyllium husk and other things that work for me keep my bowel soft and an enema bulb keeps the rectocele clear of fecal matter after a satisfying bowel movement. I have to do the posture. It's the only way I don't feel my uterus sitting on top of "stuff". But, oddly enough, I had a life threatening health scare this past winter, so I'm kind of philosophical about the new toileting regimen. If I'm not dead I can make this work for me. I'm truly not being flippant, it's just where I'm at at 62 years old. Thanks for the "ear".

Hi eve and welcome. Glad to hear that the posture is working for you. There are so many things we can do throughout our day to keep urging these organs into the forward position. It takes time and patience and mostly persistence. I started this at 60 and now at 67 I'm still learning! Enjoy the journey. - Surviving

Thank you surviving. I need the success stories. I usually stay pretty up about it all until nerve pain flares. Since the other health stuff my already good health regimen has become almost fanatical. That has improved so many issues. Now to find a way to accept nerve and pulling sensations, etc. from the aggravated prolapse. But I can't even wrap my head around using surgery. I know too many women, some had more than one operation, and it was not a solution. In a couple friends it has created more problems.

Thanks Eve62 for your post. Your description about "everything in my now prolapsed floor is misplaced" certainly describes me (altho minus a uterus). I'm curious tho about what an enema bulb is and the how to's for using one. I can never seem to keep my rectocele clear of fecal matter either, and if this helps you, perhaps it will help me...but I don't know what it is. :)

My sister just uses an enema bucket to clean her rectocele. For the purpose of more convenience, I keep an enema bulb with me. It looks like a baby nose syringe, but larger. I bought mine online. There are different sizes. Instructions came with mine and are online. I hope this helps

I have recently learned of WW. I have viewed the First Aid video and found it very helpful. I see a WW practioner in a few days. Since my my rectocele symptoms have become severe, I am unable to eliminate stools without dulcolax. And today, I am not responding to that. Anybody have similar experiences? If so, what did you do?

Hi connieb and welcome,
I lived with severe constipation for years, and the only thing that helped me was serious dietary changes and the whole woman work. I have definitely been there with laxatives and such; it is such a vicious circle to be in.
Start looking into your diet, eliminating sugar and processed foods is a very good start. Some of our ladies like to use a small amount of magnesium, but I would't become too reliant on that.
The whole woman postural work helps position our pelvic organs, and pulls the rectum into better positioning for better bowel movements.
Do some research on the forum; there are many helpful posts to look at.

If you have been relying on laxatives, then I suggest your issues are more with diet than the rectocele. Lots of leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, healthy omega-3 fats, fermented foods for gut health, plenty of water, and yes, removal of sugars and processed foods from the diet as much as you can. As AG says, some of our members get help in the short term with some supplemental magnesium citrate.

Do you have your uterus? It's a relevant question but oftentimes new members don't think to mention if they have had hysterectomy. For women who have had no surgeries, pretty much any rectocele can be made to behave better when you're on the toilet, simply by starting with a bit of jiggling and firebreathing and using Christine's toileting tips. Some gentle splinting may help you at the beginning, then later you won't need it.

I'm making the distinction here between actual constipation, and problems of elimination caused by the rectocele itself. What you have going on there is very likely a combination of the two. - Surviving

Thanks for your support! I still have my uterus, in fact no surgeries at all. Diet is something I will become more strict about. I take magnesium glycinate, maybe I I will try magnesium citrate. Your encouragement is very helpful!!

If taking magnesium to help with constipation, I would suggest citrate. I personally take glycinate or malate because I like to supplement magnesium, but I don't need or want any bowel assistance. Citrate targets the constipation problem a little better. - Surviving