Hello, I'm writing from Spain. I'm 41.
Nearly three years ago I had my third child.
My pelvic floor has been troubling me from my second child's birth on.
At the moment, these are the symptoms I am experiencing (which seem to be getting worse as time goes on):
- Vaginal Air, especially when I'm ovulating and PMS and on my period, and particularly after I've been sitting for a while
- Escaping gas (bowel air) as in "I can't stop myself from farting", especially if I'm standing
- Pelvic floor pain, especially when I'm ovulating and on my period

These problems, as I said, seem to be getting worse and are painfully embarrassing. I'm a teacher and when I'm in front of my students, I'm scared I'm going to escape gas through my bowel or air through my vagina and they're going to hear it. It's a terrible situation!

My doctor advised me to do kegel exercises and I've been doing them (on and off) twice a day.
I bought a pfx. I also downloaded an app on my mobile which is called kegel aerobics.
I've got the lady system cones and pelvimax (Chinese balls).

Now, I read Christine's newsletter today and she says that kegels can actually make your condition worse.
And I panicked!!!
So maybe I'm doing it to myself???
Should I stop doing Kegels altogether?
Should I stop using the pfx?
What about the cones and the pelvimac?

What should I do to get rid of my symptoms? What can I do to improve my condition?

Please help. No support is available in Spain although I'm sure I'm not the only one secretly suffering from this condition.

I can only share from my experience with Kegels,

I was diagnosed with prolapsed bladder and rectum at least 7 years ago and they immediately wanted to do surgery. I researched the surgery and after seeing the statistics I decided I would start looking for options. At that time, I found information about vaginal weights and started using them. While I did strengthen my vaginal muscles it did not change the prolapse of the bladder but did in fact help the prolapse of the rectum. I had been doing reasonably well and although the bladder prolapse did not get better, it did not get worse. It wasn't until I returned from my last trip to the states in January 2013 after lifting heavy luggage, that I started experiencing problems urinating and pain in my vagina. I realized my bladder prolapse had gotten worse so I went to the doctor hoping time had produced a new answer for this difficult problem. Unfortunately I was given the same advice which was Kegels and Physical Therapy. I went to the Physical Therapist and I think she expected to find a woman who had weak Pelvic muscles because of the location of the prolapse. She had me do the kegels with her fingers inside my vagina holding up my bladder. She told me that I had good control of my muscles and strong muscles but that I should not do the kegels unless I had a pessary to hold up my bladder while doing them. Why? She never really said, but I can only conclude that if the tissue and muscle are injured in the vaginal wall and the bladder is pressing against them that I am doing nothing but causing further damage. I noticed that after the physical therapy and multiple doctors visits that my prolapse was actually worse.

I decided to stop doing the kegels and treat my body and pelvic floor as if I already had surgery and try to keep my bladder out of the vagina any way I can (in order to help it heal). I am using a tampon and wet it with bio or yogurt and change it twice a day and remove it before going to bed. I plan on getting a pessary but could not get an appointment for a measurement until April 22. (Get ready America this is the typical social medical care system around the world!) I noticed if the tampon starts to move down because of gravity and the bladder trying to fall back into my vagina that it gives me the feeling of needing to urinate, so I bend over at the waste and push the tampon further up.

I purchased the DVD and just received it a few days ago. While I waited for it to arrive, I went online and found a few youtube videos of some of the exercises that are on the DVD. I also started practicing the Whole Woman Posture and am trying to rest while laying on my side with a pillow between my legs or on my back with a pillow tucked under my hips and buttocks. I also recommend the whole woman sitting posture because it is actually the easiest to do if you can't lay down in the middle of the day.

These are just a few of the things I have tried so I want to encourage you to keep trying different methods until you find one that works for you.

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Hi plazapu - the most important thing you can do is to adopt Whole Woman posture. It takes time and dedication. It is not a quick fix, not a cure because there isn't really a cure. But there is a posture correction you need to make that will not only stabilize your prolapse but help you protect the health of your hips and spine as time goes by.

Forget kegels - they absolutely do aggravate prolapse. I did them religiously for decades, so I've pretty much proven that to myself. Christine is right. Go to her blog and look for the article called "Just Do Yer Kegels" for an explanation.

If you are receiving Christine's newletter, can we assume that you have been on this site before, looking for information? Do you have her book or the First Aid for Prolapse DVD? What prompted you to follow the treatment routine you're on now? I hope you will read up and study here, ask questions, start figuring out the real prolapse story and what you can do about it. i've been here almost 3 years and I consider myself one of the lucky ones who didn't waste time and money doing the wrong things. There is wonderful knowledge here and it's time for you to grab hold of it, before any more time goes by. Best of luck to you! - Surviving

PS: I too had a long-standing problem with gas which escapes with no warning and no way to stop it. I have found HUGE improvement in this condition since adopting posture ALL the time. The combination of Whole Woman posture which has become automatic, control of stress as much as you are able, and avoiding foods that make you gassy, can go quite a long way in solving this one. I can see how pelvic dynamics play such a role in this.

Thank you for your reply. It kind of cheers me up to know that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.
I followed my doctor's advice when I took up the Kegels routine together with the ladysytem cones/pelvimax balls.
And Yes, I was on the site after the delivery of my second child and I remember purchasing the book then but, since my condition improved, I must have got rid of it. Now I regret it, because things have got worse...
I forgot to mention in my previous message that I seem to have a regular ache around my lumbar region and my hips, and I think this must be a related problem as it has worsened as my pelvic floor is weakening.
What's THE BEST WAY of learning the posture? Would you recommend the book or the DVD? Where should I start? Is there anything else you would suggest doing?
BTW, has anyone heard of hypopressive exercise?

I'm a bit lost, since I had all my expectations on the Kegels...

Hi plazapu - I have a feeling that the prolapse situation in Spain is no better or worse than anywhere else. Doctors everywhere seem to be of very little assistance with prolapse and do not give good advice to women. That's what's good about the internet. We can find our own solutions no matter where we are in the world. Get the book and/or the DVD, read all over this forum and the Whole Woman website. All the information you need can be found, but you have to do this work yourself. - Surviving

Hi Plazapu

If you are a reader and like theory, then the book is for you. It has a ballet workout and CD of accompanying music, in the book, though I find it quite difficult to get the timing of the exercises to go with the music. But I love the workout, and the music makes me think about all the good things I have learned from Christine Kent.

The DVD is more visual, and the dance/yoga workout is easy to follow and quite different from the ballet workout.

You can do both workouts at any level, as many as you like of each exercise, and only to the degree to which you are able. There are no prizes for doing the most, or the quickest, or the highest or the longest. The exercises in the workouts simply strengthen the whole body and increase your flexibility gently. They are a kind of "Wake up, body!" experience. ;-)

If you can afford it, I would suggest both, as they teach the same stuff in different ways.


Thanks for the information I have read. I am 88 yers old. Too old to not know many things that I don't know. I have started an relationship with s man who I have known all my life. Both of us have spouses who have passed. My husband passed about 10 years ago and never, never thought to have any relationship with another man. We are in love. Silly isn't it? But here I am and t would like some thought sabout my situation. I have developed uterus prolapse during the last 2 or 3 years. So glad that I found this site. Am working on the symptoms and discussions with my partner are perfect. My problem is that I was raised in a different time. First, I was raised in the time that you didn't sleep with some till you were married. But now I have and w e have developed a loving relationxhip and I love it. I didn't know that my body could sing way it does with my partner. How wonderful it is!
I just want to get the symptoms under control, the continuance is so difficult. Help?

I think this might be useful for you. You get a link to the video immediately after purchasing and can use it as many times as you wish.