sea sponges


Hi, I have been trying to get a response about sea sponges and where to get them in Canada, could anyone help me please, also do you use them like a Tampon and how do you get them out again. Do they work for people that have a prolapse that comes outside the vagina as mine does?

Have you tried Jade and Pearl website?

Dear Daphne,

I’ll try to help you, yes, you use them like a tampon, and yes, it will work for people that have a polapse outside the vagina. And yes, mine will hang outside the body if I don’t pay heed.

I use the sea sponges from Jade and Pearl. It costs $20.00 plus shipping for two sponges.
She will send you 1 large and 1 smaller size sponge. Be sure to specifically request “sponges for prolapse”. I don’t know the shipping charges for Canada.

When you get them, soak them in tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver mixed with water. She will send directions with the sponges to do this. Rinse them thoroughly, I use either bottled or filtered water as opposed to tap water which has chlorine in it. I trim a little off the edges to make sure they are rounded but don’t cut too much You want the sponge to be about three inches long from top to bottom, and keep the thickness as is which should be at least 1-1/12 inch thick.

Get out the dental floss, pull off about 3 feet of it, thread it thru a large eye needle, bringing the needle straight to the middle. Do not tie a knot yet. With the sponge wet, start at the bottom of the sponge and carefully go up through the middle of it, on out the top end, pulling enough out to go back through the sponge close to where you first put it through. You should now have all the floss hanging out the bottom of it (four strings). Now I tie three knots close to the sponge, then drop down about 4 inches and tie three more, then cut off the excess below these knots.

I now coat (heavily!) the entire sponge in “unscented” wildcrafted shea butter I buy at Whole Foods. I first ordered tea tree oil scented butter with the sponges but that made me a little nauseous so switched to unscented.

Hold it in the palm of your hand, squeeze it to make it as small as possible, gently insert the sponge until you feel it up and over the pubic bone, and leave the string hanging out so you can retrieve it. It may feel very scratchy, just go slow. You may have to wear a pad for leakage, especially if you cough or sneeze. Having the sponge pushing up the bladder and possibly being squeezed by intraabdominal pressure will cause leakage. This does NOT mean you are incontinent. It just means you’re out of room in there. Pessaries cause the same problem.

The prolapse will likely cause it to drop to the opening, especially if you need to void. That’s ok, go ahead and void, dab the small portion sticking out with tp to soak up any that got on the sponge and gently push it back up again.

Don’t let it worry you about the sponge soaking up urine as you void. I did worry until I read an article on here by a woman in Russia who said not to worry – women in Russia have been doing this for centuries.

Remove it very slowly holding onto the floss with one hand and your other hand positioned to catch it, most definitely in WW position, and consciously let your muscles relax, else it will hold on to the sponge. It may have a bit of blood or mucus on it. Normally, the blood is because the vaginal lining is thin on us older folks and the sponge scratches until you get used to it and until it softens and shrinks. You may also have blood on it from where it’s been rubbing on your underwear.

It’s easier if you “accept” the idea you have to do this for awhile. It is not fun, it is irritating to have to do this on a daily basis but if you want to get around to get things done, it may be what you have to do. It is still an absolute MUST to follow Christine’s instructions for WW posture. Wearing the sponge will cause one to be lazy with their exercises!!!!

Ok, finally be patient with yourself in doing this. It takes a couple of times to get used to it and to be comfortable with it.

Grandma Joy

Does anybody have hemorrhoids and uses sea sponges? It seems that sea sponges help me with prolapse but make my hemorrhoids worse.

I don't know where you can get them in Canada. I got mine from JadePearl (there is a link to it on the Whole Woman site). I used it very successfully for a few weeks and was delighted to have no prolapse; then after awhile, it seemed to not fit so well. But I can certainly recommend that you try it and even if it is not a permanent solution, it can give you some temporary relief. And any relief is worth it in my opinion. Good luck.

hi Daphne,
I am in Canada and I ordered my sea sponges online from Jade and Pearl. it's a US site but they shipped here just fine.
if you are unsure about ordering online, you can call their 1-800 number and ask if you can order over the phone instead.

Thank you Grandma Joy for the wonderful detailed info!

I just tried mine this past week for the first time because I have a cold and was afraid I'd cough my uterus out of me!

Unfortunately, every time I coughed, I had urine gush out of me :-(
I wasn't happy about that at all so I'm not using it right now.... however, in the case of someone like yourself who has their prolapse coming out of their body, the urine leakage issue may be totally worth it if it can help keep the prolapse inside.
Now that you know leakage can happen, you can be prepared (I hadn't known and was unprepared :)

I hadn't known about lubricating the sponge so I had to do very weird positions to get it in.
if you have a position in which you can more easily push your prolapse back inside, that may be the easiest position to insert the sponge.
maybe on your hands and knees?

If you try it, I hope this ends up being very useful for you Daphne!

thinking of you
take care

Hi All, who answered my question, Rosebush, Ivonush,Louiseds and Grandma Joy, who wrote me such a detailed letter on how to use them. I really appreciate all your letters of help.

Grandma Joy. I am thinking you must be living in the States. It was so nice to finally find out how they work and you seem to be quite successful yourself which is nice to know that they work. My only concern is the scratching that you mention. I seem to be really dry these days in the Vagina area and wonder if they will cause a lot of soreness. Last week we sent for some pills called Colopril which are supposed to help with bowel movements, they arrived today so I will give them a try and see if they work before I send for the sponges, I have tried lots of other things over different times that haven't worked so I am putting a lot of faith in these pills.
You mentioned that you also have your prolapse coming outside of you. Mine seems to be like a bag and when I push it back I can feel something inside it, after I push this back I then push back my uterus but it soon starts to drop down again. Does yours seem to be anything like that?
For anyone who wants to try the Colopril the web site is, I will post again and let you know if I have a good result from the pills.
Best Wishes, Daphne.

Hi Salt,
How nice to hear from you again. I hope you will soon be over your cold and feeling better, coughing is not the best thing to have to do with these prolapses, although, I read a post the other day where the lady said she thought her coughing and sneezing helped push her prolapse forward a bit, can't remember who it was though. I find it so interesting the things different people try and have success with.
Wishing you well, Daphne.

Hi Grandma Joy
I went on the Jade and Pearl site to read about the sponges, while there I saw that they did some extra soft sponges for a little extra but I couldn't decide whether they were for our prolapse problem or for women that still had their periods, do you happen to know who they are for. I think they only showed them as two sponges in the picture which made me think that they would be for us with prolapses but if you go to were you order them they don't show as being able to purchase them for that purpose.

Hi Daphne

Also email Jade and Pearl and ask for more explanation.

Yes, Daphne,

I would either call or email Gloria at Jade and Pearl. You must specify that you want the sponges for prolapse. The smaller ones you refer to are for periods. Even if you order online, I think there is a space for "comments" where you can specify them. I usually call since I don't use Paypal, and she did tell me there was a comment space for online ordering.

Sponges will seem very difficult at first but if you persevere, it will work out. I have to say I was nervous every time the first few times - I was really stressed out so, to me it was an ordeal. I did not want to use them, I was not use to putting objects inside me; it was totally anathema to me to have to do it. I finally told myself "either figure this out or sit on it!!!!". It was too painful and bloody to sit on it all the time and after a couple of months sponge use, the bloody spot healed. I have other physical issues from BC and chemo which makes the WW work a little slower for me but the posture and exercises DO WORK! I didn't have to use the sponges on any regular basis until last year when the gyn tried to pull my uterus out to force me into surgery. Since then, I've had to use them more often if I travel or go to town (24 miles away) for any length of time. By the way, you will have a very full sensation at first; that, too, goes away.

Best of luck,
Grandma Joy

Ah yes, Salt. That "lovely" first unexpected gush of warm pee was shocking! I actually was using a pad "just in case" since I was travelling and knew the bouncing on the highway would cause tiny leaks but was totally unprepared for the gush when I coughed! I'd picked up a bug in Pennsylvania and somewhere between there and Arkansas, the coughing worsened.

So, if you and Daphne decide to use the sponges, consider the smallest Tena incontinent pads for traveling especially. They work better than menstrual pads.

Best Wishes
Grandma Joy

Hi Grandma Joy,
Thank you so much, again, for taking the time to give your advise, it is much appreciated.
I am not sure what BC stood for in your letter but I can sympathize with you about the Chemo, I had a terrible time with that. I hope you will soon find yourself getting back to better health. It is so good of you to take the time to help others when you are not feeling good yourself.
Best Wishes to you. Daphne.

Hi Daphne,

BC stands for breast cancer. I have found that BC survivors who've ran the medical gaunlet can and do have multiple problems forever. Another example of what surgeries can do. It also is problematic dealing with prolapse because of the BC surgeries.

As ever,
Grandma Joy

I had the same cancer and treatments and it does slow you down for a long time. I lost 18lbs. over the Chemo treatments and the Radiation has left me with Lymphadema in my arm which I do exercises for every morning, in 5 years I have only missed about 5 mornings. I don't know if it would have been worse if I hadn't done them or not but so far I don't have to wear a sleeve although I did try one once but it was very tight, I don't think they measured me right for it so don't use it. I hope things will improve for you, over time.
All Good Wishes for 2012. Daphne.

I'm new here and was recently diagnosed with bladder prolapse. After researching the subject, options and reading on this forum, it seems possible to have more confidence and comfort by using sea sponges for prolapse. My condition is such that I do have a detectable bulge outside of my vagina. I can push it back up inside but it sure doesn't stay there. And this worsens throughout the day! I guess this sounds pretty skeptical but I am wondering if sea sponges actually will work so that I can return to some of my former activities with confidence and without feeling like my insides are falling out? I'm post menopausal, just barely, but have not had a hysterectomy. Perhaps the only real way to know if this option can work for me is to try it! My GYN-OB recommended either a pessary or surgery. Surgery is OUT.

Welcome FunnyFootGirl - I have not used sponges but there are certainly plenty of relevant threads you can search for on this forum. However, it's really the Whole Woman postural work that is the core of prolapse stabilization. Work on that for awhile and really feel the changes in your body - for many of us it has been an incredible and emotional discovery of ourselves. It takes time to really understand the principles, break old habits and form new ones. Lots of info here, and many amazing women to help you out.

you may end up roughing up the inside of your vagina if the sponge is not well lubricated and you might have trouble removing it
but that's about the worst of what could happen
the best is that you might get some relief!

stick around- wholewoman is the best tool for your prolapse tool box!

Hi Funny Foot Girl5,
Have you read Grandma Joy, letter. She gave an answer to me on this page with full explanation of how to use it. I am sure you will find it most helpful.

Hi all! I can't thank you enough for your quick replies!! It's so comforting to know I'm not alone and to hear that other women with this same problem are finding natural solutions. I understand that it's probably best to pick up the DVD, "First Aid for Prolapse", in order to completely understand the concept of the Whole Woman posture and exercises to help improve the symptoms of prolapse. My situation may be somewhat unique in that I have certain physical limitations due to a severe chronic nerve pain condition, CRPS/RSD, in my foot. That along with my deformed foot severely limit my ability to stand and/or walk. I often use a cane to keep mobile but work hard to remain as physically healthy as possible. I hesitate to spend the $ on a DVD that's geared to people who can do exercises while standing or lunging as both are impossible for me. I would love to find out more info about what I truly am able to do while sitting or laying down to help improve my prolapse. I'm very, very interested in trying out the sea sponges but I think Surviving60 makes a good point that it's important to be applying WW posture and exercises to get the maximum benefit from the sponges and make the greatest improvement. There's so much to learn and I am eager to start. Could someone please direct me to where I can learn WW posture and some exercises that I can do? Can I learn these things without purchasing a DVD that is mostly directed to people who aren't handicapped? Thank you again for your help! It's great getting to know you all.

Hi FunnyFootGirl - I would recommend getting the book if you only get one thing. I had it for a year before I ever purchased the video. I'm not handicapped but I have very limited opportunities for working out right now, and so exercise routines as such were not a high priority for me. I really needed to learn and understand the concepts of posture and the book will give you the whole big picture. Christine's story will also inspire you. How many nights have I curled up with this book? Can't even begin to count. Good luck to you!

I just posted on another thread but then re-read this post. Thank you, Grandma Joy, for the details you provided. I did order the sea sponges for prolapse and today is my first day using them. I tell you, this is a God-send for me as my bladder prolapse is pretty severe causing a great deal of discomfort. I was able to position the sea sponge right away and don't even feel it. I can go around getting things done without the worry of my bladder falling outside of my vagina.

Now for the TMI question...During the years when I was menstruating it was always necessary for me to remove the tampon when I needed to have a BM. Is this something that is necessary to do with the sea sponges as well? Then would I need to clean it before re-inserting or can I dab the urine and re-insert as you mentioned above? It isn't clear to me if by using the word "void" you mean urinating or having a BM.

You mentioned the importance of continuing the WW posture and exercises when wearing the sea sponge. Will using the sea sponge slow down the progress of getting my organs back where they belong?


Hello to all who have been asking about sea sponges for prolapse.

I ordered two prolapse sponges from Pink Robin in UK; limited success for my rectocele as it would fall out if I was on my feet too much. I recently got a Dalmata fine bath sponge (very soft) from Puresponge UK - I could see and choose the exact sponge online and got one that was 12cm long and broad at one end. (About twice the length of the sponges marketed for prolapse). I trimmed any really knobbly bits off and tried it out, stuffing the whole lot up as high as i could. Eureka! No dropping out...that is until I have a wee or bowel movement. This is probably because my prolapse is rectocele. Also I have to lie on my back to do the insertion, so only really possible at home. I use flax oil or KY gel to lubricate the sponge, and soak in salt water to clean.

However, today I am REALLY pleased to say that I managed a strenuous 4 mile hill walk today with the sponge staying in place, didn't feel it at all, though a slight pressure began to build up nearing home as I was ready for a wee. (Sorry to be so basic). It was SO nice not to have the draggy bulgy feeling of the rectocele drooping low as I walked.

So I have discovered a way to carry on walking with my family, albeit for shortish stints without needing to reinsert. With swimming and cycling I feel I can stay reasonably fit (I'm 55 post menopausal).

Incidentally, as an update for anyone who may have read or replied to any of my posts before: it's almost a year since I first realised I had a rectocele, and fortunately found WW soon after that. I try to do the WW DVD exercises part one and some fire-breathing every day - but leading up to Christmas failed on that due to busy teaching 3 days a week. I notice the rectocele more when I don't keep in posture or exercise.
I was sent to learn how to do pelvic floor exercises properly (kegels) but the physiotherapist said my muscles were pretty top form. Neither the physio or two specialists had heard of Whole Woman, so I told them all that I had learnt, and how it had helped me both emotionally and physically. I have declined surgery and will have another consultant specialist appointment in a year's time.

Good luck and wishing you all a Happy New Year


Thanks for your update, Marigold. Your method of trying new things has borne fruit. We have now learned that a longer sponge can be more useful for rectocele. We didn't know that before. It will be interesting to hear if others find this helpful.

There is no harm at all in trying new techniques or modifying suggestions, then reporting back whether or not it was successful. I am so glad you have the confidence to improvise. I am sure you are over the top of the mountain and will be able to continue to find ways of making your body work better.


Would cocoa butter work on the sponge the same as shea butter?

I always wondered about shea butter. Here's some info for others who have wondered, . It sounds like wonderful stuff.

Cocoa butter would probably be fine too.

Unrefined coconut oil, the base of the old WW Bliss Balm, would be another option.

With all these oils I would ensure that you get pure, cold pressed, unrefined, food grade material. They are all promoted as lubricants, and for other uses as well.


Is it OK to use sweet almond oil as a lubricant?

Why not? Do a patch test first if you are worried. :-)

Any negative thoughts about using KY Jelly or other store brand person lubricants?

I have been very happy with the results when using the sea sponges. I don't feel it at all once inserted and it's very easy to remove. It's important to go slowly with the insertion and removal, I've also found that my position while sitting on the toilet makes a difference in terms of ease of insertion.

The only negative experience I've had so far is that the sponge tends to fall from its insertion point as the day wears on. I'm certain this is due to the fact that my bladder prolapse worsens towards the end of the day. A pretty minor inconvenience to gently push it back up as necessary.

I am continuing to learn, and do, more exercises each day and am working on the WW posture to help improve my prolapse condition. I think that consistency and patience is the key to whatever level of success I will be able to attain. I understand that the sea sponge is not the long term solution for me. The goal is to improve the prolapse!

Thanks to all for your detailed information and for helping me to get a handle on this condition. Without a doubt I am now more limited in what I'm able to do. Hopefully, that will change over time.

Hi FunnyFoot

i don't personally have any problems with KY, but it you google 'KY risks' I am sure someone will be concerned about some aspect of it. ;-)

My older vagina and vulva prefers an oily lubricant for sex, because it lasts longer. I think maybe the water in KY gets absorbed by my dry old tissues. ;-)

Let us know how you go. Personal experiences are always useful to have on the Forums. Perhaps it is time we did a survey of lubricants and vaginal moisturisers?

So, come on, ladies, factors to consider would be:-

Purpose (sex, pessary, sea sponge, general comfort)
Oil or water-based?
OK texture?
OK perfume?
OK cost?
Ingredients listed or not?
Acceptability of ingredients?
Where can I buy it?
Homemade? (recipe please?)
Anything else?


hi FunnyFootGirl,
everyone is different but I personally get yeast infections, every time, without fail, if I use lubricants that have 'glycerin' in them (also spelled glycerine).
I react very badly if they are scented too.
in the past, I have used silicone lubricants but I don't know how they would work with sponges because they are super hard to wash off and you'd want to be able to wash the sponge well.
if you do try silicone ones, be aware that a) some people have health risk concerns about them and b) you need only a TINY amount (truly!!!) and c) they must not be used with silicone toys or pessaries - they can degrade the silicone. :)
Many on the list seem to use natural lubricants such as food-grade oils or shea butter. I haven't tried those yet so can't comment.

Hi Grandma Joy,
I received my sponges yesterday and I find I am almost afraid to use them as I feel that if they don't work I don't know what else to try as I have had quite a few pessaries tried that all made me pass urine continually, I am so afraid the sponges will do the same. Anyway I know I must get up the courage sooner or later. I was wondering if you have tried the "Pelvic Power" tincture that Jade & Pearl sell. I was talking to Gloria this morning and she was telling me that it does wonders for our prolapses. The other thing I wanted to ask you, one of my sponges has a narrower end than the other so I wondered which end went in first, the other one is more or less the same size all over. You were so helpful to me when I first asked about sea sponges that I thought you may be able to help me with these questions and fears.
Best of health for 2012. Daphne.

Grandma Joy, or anyone with some experience: I did purchase the sea pearls but haven't given them a try yet. My fear is not being able to remove them. I have no problem with inserting and removing my pessary but am having some bleeding issues and wanted to try the softer sponge. But I'm afraid to try putting it in because I may not get it out. You seem to be doing OK with it, if you have any new suggestions I'd love to hear them. It does seem to me that the string will help but I don't want to be irritating myself any more than usual by just pulling the thing out and scratching everything. Thanks if you can think of anything to ease the fear!!

Hi Vicki3 - there are some sponge users on this forum, or at least some who have tried them. I can't remember many posts from ladies who used them long-term with much success. But they are worth a try especially if you already have a pessary and are looking for an alternative. You might try putting some search terms in the search box up above, and look for discussion threads. Do you practice WW posture? - Surviving

The sponges are a great help when needed. Just pull off about 3 feet of dental floss, thread a long needle with it and run the needle to the middle of the floss until it is doubled. You may first need to trim the sponge if it is too big, but don't cut it too little. Decide which end you want to be the bottom, start there running the needle thru the sponge to the top end, turn it and run it back through the sponge where it will come out close to where you started, and you have four strings hanging off the bottom of it. Tie a couple of knots close to the sponge, then drop down 4 or 5 inches and tie all four strings together. If you think it is the right length, cut off the excess. You need enough hanging out, similar to a tampon string so you can pull the sponge out. Don't just yank it out,it will move down naturally and your body will help expell it with gentle tugs, and try to relax those muscles before tugging. Also, use Unscented Shea butter to cover it before putting it in. Hope this helps.

Grandma Joy

Hi vicki13,
I too use sponges. I use them when I have my period, and at other times when I think I might need a bit of extra support (ie busy day).
Have been doing this for about six months now. I tried it without the dental floss string attached at first and just too hard to remove, so I use the string now...much easier. Also, I insert the sponge while lying down, I find it easier and make sure I push it nice and high past the pubic bone.
I takes a bit of practice. Make sure you use a lubricant I use some Shea butter I purchased with sponges, makes it more comfortable .
Hope this helps.

Thanks ladies for the support and advice on the sea sponges. I'm willing to give it a try and will report back with results.
Have a blessed day.

I just wanted to add one more thing about sponges. Size....takes a bit of trial and error to work out the right size for your vagina. Me...the prolapse size sea sponge looks a bit too scary for me. What I have found for me is that the medium size sponge works best. Supports, without creating adding pressure on the vaginal walls. One has to be careful not to create more problems than it solves. So trial and error with working out the sizes. If you are purchasing from jade and pearl, and don't live in the US you will find a list of distributors at the bottom of their web page. This can make ordering easier.

Thanks aussielou. The sponges look really large to me and I'm concerned about just what you mentioned, pressure on the vaginal walls and using one so large that it scratches. Am working on getting the courage to at least try.

Well, this was my first try with the sponge. Finally got the nerve and placed it as high as I could, first impression was it felt fine but could naturally feel it moving downward a little. Then went on with my day, but only lasted around 15 minutes with it because sitting was decidedly hurtful. I could feel it and it was definitely not as comfortable as the hard pessary (which I can't use due to a sore and was looking for something SOFTER and easier to remove). So maybe size is an issue and if I cut it back even more will not have the same problem. Trying to be upbeat about it and not get discouraged but that's hard.

Second try with the sea sponge, it has been around 2 hours now with a decidedly scratchy feel, but I'm going to keep trying. I know sizing the sponge is important but I guess as someone already said, it's trial and error, not to make it too small or leave it too large. Christine (I believe it was Christine) mentioned cotton balls instead of pessary or sea sponge but how would you remove them? I'd be afraid they'd be unretrievable--I do have arthritis in my hands so gripping or fishing too far up there is a problem!!

Grandma Joy,
Well, I ordered the "premium" sponges because the other seemed too scratchy. So the trial with it was the day before yesterday, coated it heavily and inserted. So far, so good. For several hours it felt OK, had no problem voiding, didn't know it was there. Then could feel the thing on its way out along with my innards and, by the time I was able to do something about it (we were out with visiting family all day), it was more out than in. AND, it was also in the same shape as when I inserted it, squeezed into a ball. Perhaps this isn't the right answer for me, perhaps if I use a different lubricant that's not quite as sticky (used the suggested stuff ordered with the sponges).... Today am a little disappointed. Just had to vent a tad.


Yes, I know, they are a bother even for me, still. They do slip down and when I mentioned that sometime in the past, someone said, just shove it back up, gently of course. I don't think they ever stay totally in place. Depends on what I'm doing. If I'm on my feet and busy all day, it seems it slips down more frequently and lately, seems to be still squished. I've been doing the jiggling more often, too, trying to keep things up where they belong. If I am too active without the sponge and the cele stays down, I end up sitting on it, so on those days the sponge is a bothersome blessing.

It is also disappointing to me, and finally, I seem to just accept what I have to do. Acceptance has been a long journey for me, probably because I'm hard headed.

I wish you the best.

Grandma Joy

Not my area of expertise, just here to say something about the cotton ball method. Christine herself has pointed out that they are very hard to remove, as you suspected. - Surviving

Still trying the sea sponge on and off, today a good day with it. I did great on a 2 mile walk that I haven't been able to accomplish for months and months. If I could use it for just that and then remove if I have to, I'll be a happy woman. My morning walks with my husband are very important and the best form of exercise for me at this time. Sponge still in place after 4 hours. Yippee. Using coconut oil as a lubricant and it works fine, but coating the sea sponge with it is very messy and it doesn't stay on! Will look into other options for lubricating it. Thanks all.

I wish the sea sponges would have worked for me, but they didn't. I have a prolapse that comes outside the body. I was excited about the sea sponges. They are very scratchy, even with the lubricant. This may get better as time goes on. Even though I used a large size, they popped right out. My dog was barking at the dog next door so I went to get him. The neighbor was out so I said hi. I picked up my dog while I was talking to her, and I as I picked him up, out it popped. It was hard to keep from laughing. I kept the laughter to myself, because it wasn't something I could talk about to her. Anyhow, any little pressure popped them out. I got mine from Jade and Pearl. They were so nice and helpful. I wish they would have worked.

If a tampon won't stay in, do I have any chance with a sea sponge? Also, I use olive oil in so many ways. Could it be used with a sea sponge?

Thought I would put in this post re my recent experiences with sea sponges. I am an avid horse rider having ridden most of my life, but sadly have been reluctant to ride over the last few months due to my prolapse causing abrasions while riding. I visited a Gyno recently who told me that my vaginal walls are caving in (?), but the GP who originally examined me said the cervix was almost at the vaginal opening, so who knows?. My Jade & Pearl sea sponge order was on its way but I thought I may as well go to the Gyno to see what she had to say, and was duly fitted with a silicone pessary which promptly fell out when I got home. All this has been really getting me down. The Gyno mentioned more than once that if this didn't work then we could discuss the 'next step' (surgery), but I'm adamant that this is not going to be an option for me.

I’ve tried the sponge for a couple of days and have been pleased with the way it has stayed in and kept my organs up. Well today I gave the sea sponge ‘the test’. I saddled up my horse, hopped on and gave him a ride to see if the sponge stayed put. I am wrapped to say that the sponge stayed up and kept my organs up too! And I was rising to the trot and also sitting trot for quite a few minutes which is probably the most ‘gravity challenging’ movement when horse riding. After I put that horse away I lunged another filly and was generally on my feet for another couple of hours, hosing down horses, scraping them off, picking up and cleaning out hooves, grooming, etc. I checked myself later and the sponge had just slipped down a bit, but not so far that it was worrying me and didn’t feel like it was going to fall out, in fact felt pretty firm. I did gently push it back up again and am sitting here feeling pretty comfortable.

I do try to remember to hold the WW posture most of the time, and do fire breathing too, which all really helps, but it's also great to have that extra support with the sea sponge particularly when I'm riding. I am finding it a bit tricky to remove the sponge as I do at the end of each day, and am considering the floss strings. Also there's a blood tinge on the sponge when removed, but the Jade & Pearl team have assured me that it's nothing to worry about and in time the vaginal tissue toughens up and gets used to the sponge.

I'm so glad you figured out a way to continue to do what you love. Got to be in control of our prolapses, not the other way around. I'm happy for you... and I'm sure your horses loved the exercise and attention as well.

Thanks Tree Woman, I am now riding my horse 'Inky' most days and that sea sponge really stays put! So I am very pleased with how it's working for me. Today I went for a longer ride out on the road and both of us enjoyed it. It's just given me so much more confidence and I agree I feel I'm controlling my prolapse not the other way around. I am convinced that the correct classical rider position is just like the WW posture, and this is 'spurring me on' (so to speak!) to ride in the correct position whenever I am riding 'Inky'. So feeling lots more positive.